718 Irons Anyone ?

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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    So, the tour seeding has been done, and the new Titleist 718 irons will soon be available to the rest of us who are looking to update our set !!!

    Following numerous discussions with my wife, I finally gave in and have booked a fitting with Chris at the National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest for a new set of irons. Yup - you read that correctly, it was not a typo. It was my wife who kept insisting that I go out and get a new set of irons, and give up on waiting for the dollar to go up, and order my 917 Driver. I was the one who kept thinking that the irons I have are fine, but she convinced me that since I play at least 3 to 4 times per week and getting out and playing golf is my one big passion, I should hook up with Chris and get fitted for a new set. After all, she is right, I am not getting any younger and my game has changed quite a bit since my last iron fitting back in 2011 for my 712 AP1's.

    So - I have been looking at the new Line-Up of 718 irons, and am getting a bit excited over putting them in my hands and seeing what Chris ultimately steers me into. I will be leaving my ultimate selection in his very capable hands. Will I get AP1's, AP2's, or the new AP3's ? Will I get AP3's for my 7 through wedge and AP1's for the longer irons ? I don't know... My plan is to go there with no preconceptions and let the numbers tell the story and let the expert perform his craft. After all, is that not the reason why we book fittings instead of simply buying off the rack ???

    I am booked for Tuesday September 5 and am getting a bit excited over the prospect. The Pro at my home course has been notified that I am getting ready to place the order, and he will be waiting to see me when I go in for my usual Wednesday game so he can place the order before I have a chance to change my mind :)

    Anyone else looking to get fit for the new line-ip soon ?????

  2. Mark h
    Ajax, ON

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    Cant wait to hear some feedback, Enjoy
  3. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    There are very good video reviews of the 718 line up on you tube by Rick Shiels and by Mark Crossfield

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