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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Is it finally time for a Canadian to win the Canadian Open again ????

    Thanks to the generosity of a friend I will be heading down to the Canadian Open at Glen Abbey this Friday with tickets to the 18th Green Viewing Deck. This will be my very first visit to watch a Tour Event in person rather than on Television.

    Looking forward to it. Who knows - I may run into some other TT members while I am there. I have heard that some club manufacturers actually demo their clubs at the event. I will have to check out the Titleist area. Maybe Chris or Mitch will be there ?

    I will provide my review of the experience once I get back on the weekend :)


  2. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    I was at the Canadian Open on Friday for my first ever Tour event. I would have to say it was an interesting experience and something everyone should try to do at least once. It started with a trip through a mass of booths as you enter the venue.

    My favourite was the Foot Joy booth where I got to hook up with our friends from Foot Joy / Team Titleist. I tried out the Performance Fitting System. This was interesting and it truly demonstrates that picking a pair of golf shoes involves a lot more science than I would have ever imagined. It turns out my recommended shoe is in the "Mobile" grouping. I was quite interested in the explanation behind the Boa System. I leaned the difference between the Boa Closure system offered by Foot Joy vs the similar system offered by the competitors. The big difference is the location of the knob that tightens the closure being at the heel. This allows for the closure system to securely pull the shoe back onto the foot fully vs simply tightening the top of the shoe onto the foot. Cool !!!

    The balance of the day was spent watching the players moving from hole to hole and sitting at the 18th green watching players come in and attack the pin from an average of 115 yds. The highlight for me was seeing Mike Weir come through on a number of holes. I had never seen him in person and it was nice to see how the crowds reacted to him as he went by and worked his game around the greens. Second highlight was seeing Mat Kuchar. I still felt bad for him for how the British Open finished the previous week. He did all he could do and was beaten by an amazing finish put forth by Jordan Speith, yet he came out to the Canadian Open and pulled off a fantastic back nine to make the cut for this weekend.

    Over all it was a nice day, but I do have to admit that watching the golf is a lot easier from the comfort of my LaZ Boy in front of my large flat screen at home :)

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