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    I am working on the greens department at my golf course and I get free golf there which is great! the clubs im using are all rented from my course as I am just getting into the game but am having a lot of fun so far! what is the next step in purchasing my own clubs? (I shoot so hand me downs are a little hard to come by)

  2. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    I would highly suggest making an appointment with a registered Titleist Club Fitter and go for a full club fitting session.
    It does not matter what our handicap is. Proper club fitting will ensure you get the absolute most you can possibly get out of the game !
    The cost of a fitting is insignificant compared to what one is going to spend on a set of clubs and the benefits to how much it will increase your enjoyment of the game is hard to put a number on. Once you have been fitted, you can search around to find the best price on the clubs you want to get, and even take time purchasing them. i.e.: get your irons one year and then get your woods the next year.
    These guys are experts and their goal is to ensure you get something that will help you improve your game, not the most expensive set on the market :)
  3. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    I should have added that since you work at a golf course, when it comes time to purchase your clubs, talk to your club pro about ordering your new set. Quite often he can get you a better deal than you could get at the bigger stores as he may not be looking to make as much on every set he sells. (particularly for staff).
  4. Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

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    Best thing to do is get fit, even as a beginner. The right clubs will make learning easier. Ask your pro shop if you can purchase their demos at a discount they will be getting rid of the their titleist irons this year as there is a new model coming out.

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