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By Mitch D

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  1. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Have you tested or are perhaps gaming Vokey SM6 Wedges?
    We want to hear what you think of the SM6 performance vs your previous wedges.

    In case you missed it, back in March we posted this Groove Wear & Spin Performance video.  We have heard a lot of great feedback from golfers who have tested this for themselves. 

    Have you had a chance to test worn groves with 75+ rounds on them vs fresh grooves on Trackman?  The results may surprise you.

  2. colin b

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    Got fitted for three new sm6's about seven weeks back to replace a sm4 and sm5. Got much tighter distance gaps now and stopping so much quicker
  3. Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

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    Hi Mitch ... yes...I just picked up a new SM6 wedge last week. It was fit in my regular configuration (56* loft, 10* bounce in an S-grind) I picked it up in the steel grey colour to reduce glare and to differentiate it from my SM5 wedge.

    I went to the range and noticed immediately, a different trajectory and more spin with the new wedge. This past month and a bit, I have noticed that I was not getting as much spin on the ball as I had been before so I thought that it might be time for new wedges.

    I noticed that there are some lucky TT members in the US that received a free set of wedges from Vokey Wedgeworks! Talk about the ultimate surprises!

    I will be heading out to Northview in Surrey BC later today to order the rest of the wedges (50* F - grind, 60* S-grind).
  4. Scott D

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    I got fit earlier this year when the Titleist rep was at our course. Replaced my old SM5's with new SM6 54 degree and SM6 58 degree. Love them much better action on the greens.
  5. RBH

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    Hi, I was fitted by my club pro. M Grind 54 and 58. I have been using them for about a month now. I also have the gap and pitch with my AP1 set so full set of 4 wedges. I chose the M because I use both for full shots off tight lies in the fairway and the playability from different lies around the greens. They feel great. You can easily control spin and trajectory. My previous set did not have the same grind so not as versatile around the greens and no room for error on tight lies. 6's are Working great for me! By the way, I use my old wedges to practice on the range and bunkers. Trying to keep that new groove feeling as long as I can.
  6. Hughie G
    Yellowknife, NT

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    i have been using a 58 degree S grind SM6 since last July. in Yellowknife it has been great! you have to understand that we hit off fake green mats. When i was in palm springs last year, the S grind let me down and made me re think. i am now trying to look for a replacement for my 54 cleveland CG wedge, and hope i can find a SM6 to fit that bill.

    it's good i have a great pro in Yellowknife to help
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    I got fitted for the following new SM 6 wedges 52/08 F grind 56/08 M grind and 60/12 K grind at a Titleist demo day. The difference between the new wedges and my old ones is much better spin and stopping with new grooves compared against my old wedges and old grooves. This has led to less putts per round which has given me better scores. Better all round really.
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    I was fitted for my SM6 wedges at the National Fitting Centre last year and am really enjoying them. I used to play a set of 'no name' wedges that lost all feel for me once I got a set of fitted AP1's. That made me decide to go see Chris and get a fitting for SM6's. I've never regretted that decision. Great wedges and I'm very confident standing over them.
  9. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Hey Mitch...
    I got fitted for new SM6 Vokeys last year and it is amazing the difference in my short game. I have so much more confidence with the new wedges in my bag than I ever did around the greens. Chris really knows his stuff and he set me up with the perfect bounce and loft for my game. They guys I play with are amazed when I hit a lofted shot to an impossible pin and the ball checks up and stops.
    I am far from the best short game player around, but I have improved significantly because of the new SM6 wedges. Love the spin and stopping action.
  10. MB

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    I was playing a $30.00 52 degree, had a Cleveland as well for a number of years. Disliked both, but also didn't take the short game seriously. I now have 4 SM6 in my bag and I love them all.

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