Canada Day carry bag- 2014 version

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  1. HS

    Calgary, AB

    Wondering if anyone has an image of what the new Canada Day carry bag will look like , my 2010 model needs to be updated. Badly. Thanks.

  2. Dave T.

    Dave T.
    Burlington, ON

    If you mean the Golf Canada stand bag there are pics in

    the 2014 Titleist accessories brochure. Most golf shops

    should have one for you to look at. This year it comes

    in 2 colours WHITE-TB3SX6RCGA-610 or



       Hope this helps

                              Dave T.

  3. HS

    Calgary, AB

    Thanks Dave but no, I don't think that is the same bag but I could be wrong. I am thinking of the carry bag Titleist makes for Canada every two years to mark July 1st Canada Day - it comes out in even numbered years and has typically been released in the month of June. I have confirmed through Newmarket it is again happening this year. I believe I have seen the Golf Canada bags you are referring to - they have a swinging golfer as their logo. The "Canada Day" bags have, in past, featured a couple or three Canadian maple leaf (or leaves) only. Besides, was really hoping that the Canadian marketing dept could share an image of this upcoming bag (or bags) rather than having to ask the club for a brochure they may not have yet. Thanks HS 

  4. HS

    Calgary, AB

    imgres.jpgHere is a pic of the 2010 version - note flag on ball and glove pockets, white stand legs, etc

  5. HS

    Calgary, AB

    Pic didn't show up - anyway, I had a look at the 2014 Canadian accessories brochure - I found it online. The two bags you reference are definitely not the Canada Day version I am talking about but thanks for getting back to me so soon. Hopefully an image of the new bag will pop up soon. HS 

  6. Mitch D

    Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

    HS said:

    Wondering if anyone has an image of what the new Canada Day carry bag will look like , my 2010 model needs to be updated. Badly. Thanks.

    Hi HS,
    Thanks for the question!

    Since this is a special limited edition bag, we do not have photography of the bag to include on or the 2014 Titleist Accessories Catalog in advance of the bag arriving from our factory. 

    However, I am happy to share the CAD drawing below.  You'll have to use your imagination a little but it will give you an idea for the design, colours and overall look of the bag.

    We expect the bag to arrive in early May which is when you should see it start to arrive at local Titleist Authorized Retailers. 

    We would suggest asking a retailer if you can pre-order the bag to ensure that you receive one either in their first shipment OR they can order one for you specifically should they not be carrying the bag at all.

    The Product Code for this bag is: TB4SX6-CAN

    You can have your Titleist Authorized Retailer pass this product code along to our customer service team for ordering should there be any confusion.

    Thanks again for your question and interest in the Canada Bag.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  7. HS

    Calgary, AB

    Thanks Mitch, you're the best. Exactly what I am looking for and having the code is even better. Done deal. HS

  8. Alex Z

    Alex Z
    Toronto, ON

    Sharp looking bag. Oh Canada!

  9. Andrew M

    Andrew M
    Oshawa, ON

    That looks fantastic. I'm going to order one as soon as I can.

  10. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    Funny I just commented on another thread my 2010 bag was getting tired ans wish they were bringing it out again.

    this is great news!!!! will order mine immediately when ready.

    Cheers TT.

  11. Botts21

    Indianapolis, IN

    just saw your wouldn't want to sell your 2010 canada day bag would u? just let me know...Thanks

  12. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    I'm sure we can try to work something out :)

     Its in decent shape but I can send you pics and we can talk from there and see if you want to go ahead.

    email me at

    I am getting the new bag embroidered with club logo on front so I will be on my 2010 bav for a couple more weeks.

    let me know and we can go from there.


  13. Michael

    Woodland Hills, CA

    Botts21 said:

    just saw your wouldn't want to sell your 2010 canada day bag would u? just let me know...Thanks


    i'll be posting one for sale shortly.  it has only been used once for a golf trip to Ireland/Wales this past June - it's mint.  Already have a red/white/blue sun mountain as my normal gamer.   reach out to me direct if interested.   In the Greater Toronto area.  thanks

  14. Andrew M

    Andrew M
    Oshawa, ON

    Hi Mitch, I want to go and order this bag. Before I do can I also get it Personalized if so what and where on the bag. My name and the TT logo. Looking forward to your response. Regards Andrew
  15. Michael Martysiewicz

    Michael Martysiewicz
    Oakville, ON

    Really awesome looking bag! OH CANADA !!! 

    Play well 

    Mike M

  16. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    Hey gang,

    our proshop got one of these bags and had it set aside for me. We are jsut having the club logo put on the front pocket. Should be in any day now. When it arrives I will post pictures. It is sweet!

    Pretty sure you will all like it. Great bag.


    stay tuned, should be any day now.

    cheers TT

  17. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    Here it is Team! As promised.

    Hope everyone likes it as much as i do.

    Have a great summer Team Titleist.

  18. Alexander T

    Alexander T
    Niagara Falls, ON

    What a terrific looking sack for the sticks. If I didn't have my custom I'd be allllll over it.


  19. geoff h

    geoff h
    St. George, ON

    I had my pro check this out @ Titleist last week and he wasn't able to find a way to order it for me.  Has anyone found a way to get one of these?





  20. Botts21

    Indianapolis, IN

    anybody willing to sell their 2010 canada day bag? I have been looking for one quite a while? Just let me know...

  21. Just Wondering if Titleist is making another version of Canada Day carry bag?
  22. Andrew R

    Andrew R
    Burlington, ON

    I'm also wondering if there will be a Canada Day carry bag for 2016?
  23. David C

    David C
    Bowmanville, ON

    Bump for the 2018 version ??

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