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By Bilal M

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  1. Bilal M
    Kingston, ON

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    Hey TT and TT Members,

    I was wondering what the "golf ball cube" was that some people recieving?


    Bilal M. 

  2. Shawn P.
    Barrie, ON

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    Hey Bilal,

    The cube was something that Titleist sent out in the mail to various Team Titleist members at the beginning of the season. It consisted of 1 ball from each type of ball that Titleist makes. It was great to be able to try all of the balls that Titleist makes.

    Cheers Shawn

  3. Bilal M
    Kingston, ON

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    Hey Shawn,

    I see, thanks for the information!

    Bilal M. 

  4. Steve H
    Innisfil, ON

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    i was wondering if they were concidering of doing it again this year? 

  5. Steve H
    Innisfil, ON

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    ya thats pretty cool that gives you the chance to try their ball line. do you think that they will be doing this again. 


    Steve H 

  6. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Hello Steve,
    There are no plans right now to send out another ball cube as it usually coincides with a NEW ball launch. 
    If it does indeed come to fruition, Team Titleist will be the first to know.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist CAnada

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    I have never received a product from TT
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    I have not receive a product from TT before

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