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  1. Team Titleist

    Team Titleist
    Fairhaven, MA

    We're excited to announce that Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting and Team Titleist will be taking center stage on "The Golf Fix with Michael Breed" on Monday, Aug. 29 at 7 p.m. (EST) on Golf Channel.

    During the episode, Breed will take part in the Titleist Golf Ball Education, Selection and Fitting process to determine the golf ball that will perform best for his game and help him shoot lower scores.

    I know as a golf professional, everybody's always fiddling around with their clubs and the ball is the last thing on their mind," says Breed, a longtime Titleist Advisory Staff Member and Head PGA Professional at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y.

    "It should be the first thing."

    Guiding Breed through the fitting will be fellow PGA Professional Mike Gibson, Manager of Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting, who will provide viewers with insight into Titleist's golf ball fitting methodology and explain how they can begin the process.

    Gibson (pictured right) will also be taking time during the program to answer questions submitted from members of Team Titleist.

    If you have a question about Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting, please post it in the comments section below
    and be sure to tune in Monday, Aug. 29 at 7 p.m. (EST) to see if your question makes the air!

  2. Patrick R

    Patrick R
    Doylestown, PA

    Do you think middle handicappers(10-16) should change golf balls in different weather conditions? Change to a lower spin ball during windy conditions or a harder golf ball during wet conditions? For example from Pro V1x to NXT Tour or NXT Extreme.
  3. Matt S

    Matt S
    arvada, CO

    I don't have a question, but a statement about the new Pro V1. It is by far the best ball yet!!

    For me, I can work the ProV1 better and spin it around the greens, while still get tons of distance with low spin off the tee.

    I played the ProV1x for the last @6 years and finally made the change to the ProV1 with this release. I have holed out eagle, breaking birdie records, and sticking shots and juicing them like NEVER before.

    Fitting people for Titleist,  I have been so excited with this years release of the 910 metal woods and the new ball.



    Matt in Colorado


    PS:  Michael Breed, I think you need to take the show on the road for a few episodes. You are welcome here in Colorado anytime. Visit some courses, public and private, and spread the love!

  4. Ben M

    Ben M
    0, 0

    I love the Pro V1, but i was wondering if switching to the Pro V1x will give me more or less mid to short iron spin.






  5. P Ford

    P Ford
    Memphis, TN

    Why do so many pros play pro v1x? I noticed that almost every pro sponsered by titleist is fitted with a pro v1x and I was wondering if there is an aspect of that ball that makes it more workable or something like that. Thanks.

  6. Jimmy I

    Jimmy I
    Anniston, AL

    Michael, the question I have is not about ball fitting, but I have a set of DCI 981 irons that I have used for the past 6 or 8 yrs. I keep the grips clean durning each round. I have several of my favorite clubs in this set that has some wore spots on the club face.... what can I do about this......Thanks and enjoy your show.. Thanks again, Jimmy Anniston Al.
  7. Either the pro v1 and the pro v1x are the ball of my choice. I was just wondering when titleist was going to offer them in optic yellow. I think a lot of us with vision problems would benefit from this, and know that titleist already offers them in other varieties.

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