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By Gabe B

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  1. Gabe B

    Gabe B
    Kansas City, Missouri

    Curious to know how many have gone through a true ball fitting. leaving out your personal bias for pro v1 or pro v1x of any other ball.

    what were the results?

    did you change balls according to the results?

    what surprised you about the ball?

    what surprised you about the process?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I worked with all 3 urethane balls with my fitter. For me, the higher launch of the X didn't help me, the V ans AVX gave me the same spin numbers on full gap wedge. The AVX was longer on 7 Iron and driver by about 3-5 yards. At the TT-Invitational at Blackwolf Run I had the same spin numbers for the V and AVX, and both were better than the prototype ball they had us hitting 85 yards (my full 48 degree gap wedge distance). With the current AVX and 2019 V, I'm using the AVX. In addition to being LH, there is also a small subset that gets the same spin numbers on full shot wedges with V/AVX that I fit into.

    This year I want to check spin numbers on partial swings. This may tilt the small edge back to the V.
  3. I have been fitted with the Titleist AVX this ball is by far the best ball I have ever played. The way the AVX travels through the wind is remarkable and the drop and stop technology is second to none.
  4. I plan on trying the AVX. Thanks for the info.
  5. JEvans

    Eastern NC

    New AVX coming soon!
    Post Image
  6. Eager to try this ball
  7. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Nice-looking Lab JEvans!
  8. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Yes, did a detailed ball fitting during the Team Titleist Short Game Experience last year at Pinehurst. I already was pretty sure I should have been playing the ProV1x instead of the ProV1 but I liked the softer feel of the ProV1. Sure enough, the test data from TrackMan showed I was loosing a lot of distance on full shots and needed the extra spin on short shots. I committed to making the change and over time, get used to the firmer feel of the ProV1x. Glad I did.
  9. Corey T

    Corey T

    Dale, just curious, what is your swing speed? You have me second guessing now (smile), I recently switched from the VX to the V for the same reason as you (love the soft feel).
  10. Did you gain distance and if so how much and do you have the same controls?
  11. Bax


    So I just went through a very detailed fitting with trackman. I absolutely loved the 2017 Pro V1x, long and a softer feel compared to the harder 2019 series, so I went with the Pro V1 last year because of feel.

    I went into this very open minded, I’m all Titleist throughout the bag. I have hit the Pro V1 series since it came out nearly 20 years ago. The Pro V1 was spinning at 5,200 with a 7 iron and a lower launch with a 81 mph swing. He threw down a Pro V1x and boom...spin went up to 5,800 higher launch and gained 3 yards. Took it out last night for 18 and felt like I was hitting a rock with my wedges.

    Went back today and we tried the TM TP and it was terrible with low launch, 5,300 spin and lost a couple yards to the Pro V1. Then we tried the Bridgestone Tour B xs and bingo....6,200 spin, higher launch than the V1x and gained 2 yards over the x, plus the softer feel was amazing after playing 9 holes tonight.

    IMO, don’t pay attention to the swing speed over 105mph on the box. My driver speed is 94 and the ball was long and firm like the 2017 Pro V1x and the feel with the wedges is like the 2019 Pro V1. My only wish is they didn’t change them all the time. They reversed the Pro V in 2019 and now wish I purchased 20 dozen of the 2017 Pro V1x...a great ball. Stay safe!!

  12. I’m looking for workability and ‘stickiness’ around greens...any suggestions?
  13. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I went to a fitting last year and used my old set of clubs and they recommended I change from Prov1 to Prov1x. Did not make the change because I know I was getting a new set of irons that would give me more distance and spin with my Prov1.
  14. Interested in a club fitting at my course
  15. Ken R

    Ken R
    Leesburg, FL

    If you are looking for more workability and “stickiness” around the greens, I would think the ProV1x is the way to go.
  16. Ball Question
    I've been on the fence with the VX vs the V in regard to softness. I tend to have to club down so I don't over hit the club I should be using. I know my ball choice has some influence on distance, what would you recommend?
  17. I made the switch at the beginning of last year to the AVX and glad I did. Increased distance was fantastic and I did not lose any spin control. Great ball!!! Looking forward to the snow melting to get back at it this year.
  18. I was originally a ProV1x guy and then switched to Pro V1 when they changed the profile because of the feel around the greens. When I did the full bag fitting at TPI Oceanside, Lucas kept mixing in balls as we went through the fitting and at the end he concluded that there wasn't enough of a difference between the V1 and V1x in my case and it should be more based on my preference around the green. Ultimately, I decided to stick with ProV1 since I really like how it reacts to my wedge game.

    I will say, however, that I tried AVX, and I found that although it flew consistently 10 yards further off my mid and short irons, I couldn't control it at all around the greens. Not for me.
  19. Sean S

    Sean S
    Centreville, VA

    I went through a ball fitting last year at Westfields Golf Club here in Northern Virginia. Nothing really surprised me, was fit into the AVX which makes sense as I tend to be a high spin player. Love the ball, have 5 dozen of the 2020 version on the way. Looking forward to a bit more greenside spin and control.
  20. James Grow

    James Grow
    Milwaukee, WI

    I have never done a ball fitting but after reading this I am very interested. I currently play the ProV1X but am eager to give thought to the new AVX with all the positive feedback it has received.
  21. At 77 yo my speed and distance have slowed. I am a high handicap due to chipping and putting issues. I have PXG's in my bag and have improved a lot since I got them. They were fitted at the PXG factory. We used Titleist Pro V balls in the fitting process. My question what is the best all around Titleist ball for me to use?
  22. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The Pro-V1....

    The Pro-V1x will launch higher but may feel too hard.
    The AVX, depending on your swing may improve iron distance with more roll. And feel softer. You might prefer the Pro-V1 for around the green.

    None of us can say which ball is for you. You can do your own ball fitting by taking a sleeve of each and trying for a round or two. If not interfering with other golfers, take an extra shot at various spots on the course with a Pro-V1 and decide which is better. I'd probably not compare 2 balls on a 165 yard par 3 protected by water in front.

    But Titleist does design enough difference in each ball that each has its own core of believers.

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