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By Ralph H

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  1. As the holiday season fast approaches, gift ideas for that golfer always seems to be a challenge. Sometimes simply picking up a dozen golf balls can be a chore. However it is never hard to decide when you know that the number one golf ball brand is Titleist! I have been playing this ball ever since I started playing golf at age 15. There just isn’t another ball out there that can not only compare to the quality that they put in to it, but the professionalism that comes with the name...TITLEIST. Every golfer has a preference of which ball works the best for their game. But choosing which one that would be the right fit can be costly. It would be nice if just around the holidays , a sampler of a sleeve of each Titleist ball out there would be offered out. This way in the spring, golfers would be all set to try out each ball and find which one best fits there game. I want to wish the Happiest of holidays to everyone out there.

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  2. I like that idea!!

    I also love the Santa you included - thanks.
  3. BCH


    I also love this idea. A dozen ball holiday pack with two of each type!,
  4. I agree with that as well I love the ProV1 Great feel nothing compares to this ball I’ve tried a number of top balls I always go back to Titlest
  5. Jay A

    Jay A

    Right nothing brings the cheer like a sleeve of Titleist!

    Just got these today, I ordered custom TT Provs Cyber Monday....fast-free shipping

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  6. I would totally buy a mixed back. I would end up playing which ever one I didn’t lose in the woods :)
  7. Would be thrilled to open a gift of Titleist Velocitys. As we all know it is a special moment to shake new balls out of a sleeve into your hand and feel the newness, and more so when Titleist. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
  8. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Even a 4 sleeve mix of 2 Pro V's with 2 Pro Vx's would be great to give out to friends and family who golf. I guess I could make the mix on my own but the box still wouldn't look right...

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