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By Jon G

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  1. My report (10/17/19):

    What a “GREAT” experience today with Titleist at Pinehurst. Just a quick review if you don’t mind.

    I arrived at the “wrong range” as I went to the Member range initially as Maniac Hill (the main range) was packed for a Tournament on course 4. I somehow thought the Ball Fitting was at the Member range until I saw the Titleist van arrive. So off I went up to Hill to meet the team from Titleist.

    As I mentioned the range was packed. I said to the Titleist rep that it’s to bad we can’t do the fitting down at the Member range. Instantly he said we could go down there, no problem! I replied that it would be great but let’s not make a big deal out of it. So I started loosening up and the rep came over and said that Jake went to get a cart and it’s no problem so off we went to the Member range. Nice and quiet, perfect environment for the fitting.

    I met Jake at the Member Range and we got set up and went through the process. It was my 1st Trackman experience and being a little bit of a nerd it was great to see the data for the clubs we used (Wedge, 7 iron, driver). Jake was outstanding! He explained all the data from trackman comparing each clubs ball performance (which I’m sure you know about). He certainly knows what he’s doing. Being an aerospace guy seeing the spin rates, dispersion, carry, distance, attack angle was great! Landing angle was most interesting as I hit a high ball which I sometimes feel should be lower but he explained the importance of the landing angle. Ultimately the data confirmed I’m playing the right ball, the ProV1x.

    We only did the range portion and didn’t hit the course, my choice. It was a bit chilly but we spent a little more time at the range anyway.

    Again, Jake did a great job, he’s super knowledgeable about Titleist and their product lines. We talked clubs as well. Nice young man!

    Highly recommended a ball fitting if you can do so.

  2. Just coming back to game after a month long+ rehab from back issue. It’s cold and rainy up here in Seattle at the moment but thinking about going to Palm Springs in Nov. for a little golf time.
  3. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    Sounds like you had a personal day for ball fitting, Jon G. That's a great experience - personal attention, quiet range area, good attention to detail. Interesting that all that testing proved that the ball you had already chosen was the right one for you.

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