Best round so far!

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By Jeffery M

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    After playing my new full bag of Titleist for 3 months now, I shot my best round so far this year. Shot a 70 for 2 under. Finally I think I have everything dialed in now. I now have all the confidence I need now plus the clubs to back it up. Thanks Titleist for being #1..

  2. RJohnson
    Cleveland, Oh

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    Congrats! Titleist does make the best clubs, in my opinion.
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    Congratulations!!! That is an awesome round, and hopefully a sign of things to come.
  4. Mike H

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    That's awesome good shooting. It's amazing what confidence can do for a persons game.
  5. Scott D

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    Great round. Great clubs sure help make a great round.
  6. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    Great round RJ!!
  7. Chris B
    cypress, TX

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    Congrats on the fantastic round.
  8. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    Congrats on a great round of golf,keep it up.
  9. Allen L
    Clarington, OH

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    Great game. Remember how you did it ???

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