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By KCadena

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  1. I've been bouncing around between several different golf balls. In search for a soft feel on the green but not too soft to where I can't gage how hard or soft I'm hitting. I have a very fast swing speed approx 105mph. I noticed with the harder balls I can hit the ball father off the tee but loose about 10-16 yards when play with the soft ones. I also hit the ball higher than most. Any recommendations ?

  2. MMHarmon32

    St Louis, MO

    Play the ProV1x
  3. I played prov1 x and pro v nxt and nxt s
    But just tryed the DT true soft and love that ball I swing around 103-107 driver speed
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Have you tried Pro-V1? A little softer feel and a little more boring trajectory than the Pro-V1x. Be sure to also work on the green with it. I tried the "new soft ball that redefines the ball" in amber for visibility, but it didn't roll off the putter face like a Pro-V. Too often would hop off the face. Another contribution to The First Tee.

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