Your Fitting Questions Answered: On the Course vs. a Hitting Bay

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By Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Hi Team Titleist,

    A while back we asked you to send in your golf ball fitting questions and we're back with some answers! We'll continue to post the Q&A here in the boards and answer as many questions as possible. So feel free to join the conversation below and keep the questions coming!

    First up, we have a question from Ski & Tee Dave from Philadelphia, PA.

    Q: Would you give more weight to fitting results on the course or on a hitting bay analyzer? Also, should a ball be picked based on your well-struck shots, poorly-struck shots, or the shots you hit most often?

    A: With regards to whether you should be fit for a golf ball indoors or using a launch or out on the golf course, the answer is simple; fitting should always be done on the golf course. That's where you play. That's where you're hitting all the different shots that you need during a round. It's important when you're trying to select the best golf ball for your game to do it out on the golf course.

    As for the types of shots you should be looking at when you're evaluating and comparing golf balls, you really want to look at your well-struck shots. It's on your well-struck shots that you're really going to be able to see the differences in performance between the models. Take the time to analyze how that golf ball is reacting in terms of its flight, where it lands on the green and the spin control you have with it. Really look at those well-struck shots because you want a ball that will give you the best results when you perform your best.

    - Mike Rich, Manager Titleist Golf Ball Fitting

  2. Bigtazz

    Memphis, TN

    Good info Mike, but the part about fitting your best shots vs your normal shots surprised me. While it's true you will be able to tell a difference in the balls on your best shots. Wouldn't it be better to be fitted with a ball based on regular shots that you hit all the time? I would think the player would get more enjoyment from a ball fitted for every shot instead of his best shots. 

  3. Bigtazz, this is a great follow up question. When comparing golf balls, your best opportunity to see and experience the performances differences between models is on well-struck shots. A golf ball is not going to be able to correct a slice or lift a topped shot off the ground, and most golfers will not notice a difference between models when they mis-hit a shot. However, on well-struck shots, the golfer will be able to observe differences in trajectory, spin and control, and overall performance between models. That said, to your point, when making your ultimate decision on which ball is best, a golfer should factor in the shots they hit most often and test the models on those types of shots (ie. Do you like bring your wedges in low with a lot of spin or use a higher trajectory to help stop the ball? If you typically play in softer conditions, do you try to get more carry with your driver where the higher launch of Pro V1x may benefit you more than Pro  V1? If you play in windy conditions and typically try to flight your irons lower, does Pro V1 with its penetrating trajectory benefit you more than Pro V1x?) The shots you hit most often, either because of course conditions or because you are most comfortable hitting them, should be taken into account when testing golf balls and making the ultimate decision on which ball is best for you.

    Mike Rich

    Manager Titleist Golf Ball Fitting

  4. Bigtazz

    Memphis, TN

    Thanks for the reply Mike. A lot of good information in this thread.

  5. Ski & Tee Dave

    Ski & Tee Dave
    Philadelphia, PA

    Mike, thank you for answering my question and that is some great insight.  I will have to find a Titleist ball fitting event so I can make sure I'm playing the proper Titleist ball.

  6. Terry

    Ewa Beach, HI

    everytime i get a prototype sleeve of pro v's it always has a checklist to compare on the course

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