Is Prov1x no longer a higher swing speed ball, for real??

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By ola s

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  1. HI really need help!
    i am to order a big load of logo balls and cant do any proper on course testing before: i am a 90-5 swing speed guy w driver and around 80 with 7 iron. i typically get descent amount of spin. 
    My questions:
    1. when testing older pro v1-v1x in the past, i felt v1x much harder and much less spinn around the greens. ie found prov1 to be much more of a better player ball. difficult to compress etc. now with some only indoor testing of both 2015 models i cant really tell any difference whatsoever between the two. does that mean i shall go for the longer lesser spinning pro v1x? i dont want to give up any REAL short iron spin. (dont care about the ”feel” though, like the slighty clicker ball when putting actually)
    2. as i live in sweden and its often cold and wet here, will a slightly harder ball be even harder when cold? 
    3. compression discussion, can i really, really really leave that behind me and not going for some ”made for lower swingspeed” ball
    as you understand, i have some psychological problems accepting that on paper, pro v1x should be for me…
  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The 1x is still a little higher compression, but in the 85-90 mph, the 1x suits my drive. The old criteria of >100 mph for the 1x is no longer true. I haven't compared the new V1 yet, but I benefit from the higher launch with the 1x. It is necessary to see which launch and landing tendency suits your swing. Into the green, I've only compared the 1x to non-Titleist balls, and it holds greens better. Multi-part balls and softer cover materials distinguish premium balls that may be close in compression to a low-end 2 piece distance ball, but feel infinitely softer. I also suspect that some of the new lower compression Surlyn balls may be approaching long distance, but not necessarily spin on shorter shots. The clothing and the clubs alone affect me the most in cold weather, I've not noticed that a softer ball works any better.
  3. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Living in the snow belt in Ontario I typically play the Prov1 in the early spring and switch to the ProV1x by June when things get much warmer. My driver swing speed is between 90 and 95 like you so I fully expect my irons are similar as well. The spin I get from green side shots is great with the ProV1x. My experience is that I see very little difference between the PrV1 and the ProV1x around the greens. The difference to me is the ProV1x is better in the summer for my driver and my long irons as I find I do not get quite as much side spin.


  4. Stephan T

    Stephan T
    Centennial, CO

    Pro V1x was never really a high swing ball. More of a firm feel option to the Pro V1. (Remember cally's Rule 35? Red/firm feel and Blue/soft feel).

    The Pro V1x - especially the new version - spins less off the driver and long irons, flies higher, longer and lands softer, and is much better inside 130 yards than any other ball on the market. Yes, it's expensive. Thankfully Titleist offers an option at a better price point - NXT Tour. NXT Tour is as close as you can get to Pro V1x performance - albeit with a surlyn cover.

  5. Tom N

    Tom N
    Rockwood, ON

    My swing speed at fitting was 104 mph (with driver). I was fitted for new driver, fairway, irons (the works). I did not ask what ball he had me use until we were done. I've always used the V1, to my surprise I was fitted with the V1x. I always thought the same that the V1x is for higher speeds (higher than mine), not true! It's all about launch angles and spin rates to maximize distance. Yes, it feels harder, sounds different, will have less spin into greens (still enough to check up). Look at it this way, if you hit your drive farther with V1x, you're coming in with a higher loft iron hence more spin than a lower loft if your drive was shorter! I made the switch after many years of using V1 and I'm glad I did!
  6. Sam E

    Sam E
    San Diego, CA

    I used to think the same thing and I played cheaper ball for years, because I thought the Pro V1 and the X were for players with fast swings.

    All changed when I found a mint Pro V1 on the course and I hit the Pro V1 longer, straighter and stuck it on the green like never before.

    The Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the best balls for every player

  7. Christian W

    Christian W
    Cincinnati, OH

    1. If you are okay giving up a bit of short iron spin, the Prov1X is definitely the one for you.

    2. The outer shell and core of the ball will harden a bit duing the cold months. I prefer to play a bit softer ball when it is below 65*F   I use the NXT Tour as my cold weather ball

    3. The ProV1 will compress slighty more. If you are worried about how hard the ProV1X will be, try out the ProV1. I think both would work just fine with your swingspeed at 90-95 MPH

  8. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    Try the new Trusoft , it just came out. I got a sleeve as a tester and very similar to the V1. The sound it makes is different but same control and distance, IMHO.

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