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By Bas

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  1. Bas

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    Hi everyone,

    Was hoping to have a discussion around this topic if possible. I've had my trusty Scotty Cameron Futura X7M Dual Balance putter for about 3 years now and I absolutely love it! I have no intentions of ever getting rid of it but I noticed it was getting some very light rust on the side. It's taken me a while to decide to do this but I have decided to send my putter off for a restoration, and want to make it a bit more personable.

    It's gonna take around 3 months to get it back to me, but the service so far has been great from the custom shop.

    Has anyone ever sent their Scotty to the custom shop and if so, what was the experience like? Do you regret doing it or was it the best decision?

  2. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    I have sent countless putters over the last decade to the custom shop and I can positively say they do an amazing job in my experience. If you are going to have it restored have you considered having it repainted black?
  3. Bas

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    Thanks for the reply Chris,

    As I am in Australia, its literally costing a fortune to send it there, get restored and sent back. (Given the cost of delivery and exchange rates etc.). But I decided to do it anyways as I plan to keep this putter for life.

    I have and did, opted for the black paint finish as I feel that not only does it looks stunning in that colour, but at address before putting, everything would really stand out and I wont have that glare sometimes from the putter head when the sun is beaming right on top (which I found to be annoying a few times.)

    I decided to have the black finish, with the translucent blue and white look. I think it just pops and will stand out on the green.

    I have attached what the putter will look like once completed.

    What do you think?
    Post Image
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    Looks good! I sent my Newport 2 in this spring, but did not get it black finish. I am thinking about sending in a new Newport 2 in the future to get that finish. They do a great job in the custom shop!
  5. Bas

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    That’s awesome Craig! Glad to hear you’ve had a good experience with them and that you’re looking at sending another putter to get done. I lust admit, when I communicate with the custom shop, they’re very quick with a reply and very helpful.
    If this experience goes well and I’m happy with the work, I’ll consider sending my second putter to get redone in the future.
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    Hi Bas
    That looks fantastic. I’m in Aus as well and have been looking at doing the same thing. Can I ask you what a ballpark figure $ wise is?
  7. Bas

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    Hey Roy,

    This wasn’t cheap at all, especially as we have to convert to USD, shipping etc. but the total price start to finish with shipping, too and from there is costing around $700 AUD.
    I had to think long and hard to get it done and due to the fact I know I won’t change this putter, I decided to get it all done. But from what I’ve seen and read, it’s something that everyone doesn’t regret doing so I can’t wait to get it back.

    What are you liking at getting done Roy?

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