Why are your contests/sweepstakes only for Australian and New Zealand residents?

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By David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager

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  1. We hear this question a lot and we certainly appreciate the concern and feedback we receive around having contests/sweepstakes that are open to all of our Team Titleist members. 

    So we wanted to provide our Team Titleist members with a little more detail and information on why our ANZ contests/sweepstakes are only for current residents of Australia and New Zealand. 

    Unfortunately, every country has specific laws, rules and regulations that govern contests such as the sweepstakes we typically offer, ranging from laws that require governmental registration to laws that forbid these types of contests altogether.

    Because of the wide range of rules and regulations, along with the associated shipping and fulfilment costs, it is not possible to create a contest that is universally available to all of our valued Team Titleist members.  Sweepstakes contests offered on the Titleist.com.au website are therefore exclusively for Australian and New Zealand residents.

    However, from time to time, our websites in certain countries sponsor contests for residents of those countries. If we host a website in your country of residence, we suggest visiting it for further details.

    We hope this is helpful and we thank you for your support of Titleist.

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