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By T Plummer

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  1. T Plummer

    T Plummer
    Sunbury VIC

    Molly Meldrum said it "do yourself a favour!" I am still buzzing from my experience after a session with Brendan at the Regional Fitting facility at Spring Valley. What a super 2 hours. I went into the fitting with two things in mind 1) to trail and be fit for the new 917 metals and 2) to see if there was a better head/shaft combination that would help my game. I was so impressed with Brendan's knowledge, he had me figured out fairly early but was very transparent when it came to the Trackman data - there was even a physics lesson thrown in! I purposely didn't ask what I was being handed to trial, nor the shaft or even the flex... I wanted to give myself the opportunity to hit and feel certain clubs (I was more than prepared to be knocked down a few pegs if needed )

    What really impressed me was that by the tIme I had arrived home, an email was waiting for me with all my specs and results from earlier that afternoon ....... Absolute superior customer focus!

    In the end there wasn't much change in the irons - shaft stays the same, just an update to the 716's from the 714's and a reshaft of the T-MB. The metals were insane! ... Will be purchased ASAP! Along with a wedge suggestion of similar lofts but different SM6 ginds and even a S300 in the gap wedge. I can't tell you my favourite part.

    "Do yourself a favour" and do this if possible, or jump on a fitting at your local club or even get involved in a Titleist Thursday! If you ask me you won't be disappointed!

    Hit em well!

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  2. Hi Tate,
    Thank you for visiting us at the Titleist Fitting Centre at Spring Valley and it's great to hear you had an amazing time.
    Stay in touch and look forward to seeing you at more Titleist events in the future.
    Best regards from the whole Team at Titleist ANZ!
  3. T Plummer

    T Plummer
    Sunbury VIC

  4. Mark A

    Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

    Hi Tate,
    I had exactly the same experience with Brendan. After hitting a handful of balls with my 915s he had already formed an opinion of where I should be heading with the 917s. He gave me ample time trying different shaft/head combinations before I found the "one". Needless to say Brendan knew the "one" from the beginning. Because I had so much time left of the appointment and I'd mentioned that my bunker game was off, we carted over to Spring Valley and a short time later my problem was solved. Would recommend the Fitting Centre experience to anyone seriously looking to improve their game.

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