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By Kieran T

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  1. Kieran T
    Mount Helen, VIC

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    G'day TT!

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the durability of the latest model pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls. Now that they've been out for a while I was interested to see everyone's thoughts. Attached below is the third ball I have cracked the cover on in the last six I have used. I was curious about if I got a dodgy box or the durability of the cover has dropped in this model

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    Hi Kieran,
    Thanks for your post. Would you be able to send us 2-3 of the damaged golf balls to check them out?
    Please post them attention to the Golf Ball Business Manager at Acushnet Australia, Unit 4/2 Federation Way, Mentone Victoria 3195.
    We'll follow up with you from there.
  3. Kieran T
    Mount Helen, VIC

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    G'day Dave not sure why I didn't get the email notification! I'll send them your way soon if they're still in the shed! The rest of the box was good except I needed a pro tracer to watch where they went last Saturday

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