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Titleist Collection

Dale V

I used the moved to San Diego as an opportunity to pare down 3 years ago. Now my golf workshop is already looking a little cluttered. I just can't force myself to let go of the old stuff. My wife thinks I need an intervention. I think I just need a bigger garage. Thoughts?

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  1. Speedy

    Bigger garage.. Intervention? That's nonsense.. :)
  2. Steve S

    I do not see a problem here Dale. In fact, it's Christmas time. You should add to your collection.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  3. Barry B

    Bigger garage!
  4. Sam K

    A bigger garage sounds right Dale!

    Dale, if she makes you get rid of stuff, I will take it off your hands. :)
    Otherwise, call some local contractor's and get some quotes on a garage addition.

  6. Chris R

    Always go to a bigger garage!!!!
  7. Don O

    LOL. Coming to us is like asking Jay Leno if you should buy another collectible car. Any chance your wife won't see through your team of experts?
  8. Rick D

    A few years ago we cleaned out mom and dad's house to prepare it for sale. Mom had been gone to heaven a for a few years and dad was moving into the State Veterans Home. After all 5 of us siblings took furniture and things we wanted from the house, we still filled a large, 30' long dumpster with junk. On the drive home my wife and I agreed we needed to start throwing out our own junk. If it hadn't been used in years, it was gone. Your kids don't want your junk. Now, having said that, sets of used Titleist clubs don't qualify as "junk". There's most likely plenty of junk you could discard to make room for your club collection!

    Dale there is still a lot of room for more clubs ( ok you have to leave the car outside)!
  10. Jerry M

    I don't see a problem or issue!!
  11. DAWG

    Bigger is Better.
  12. Jim S

    Definitely a bigger garage. If you you need a place for your stuff let me know.
  13. Dale V

    Thanks Guys! I guess I can add some shelves too. I might donate some of the old stuff to the local High School golf team because I know the new stuff will keep on coming. Have a great Holiday!
  14. nate l

    Nice collection!
  15. Thomas Y

    How about additional storage in the bedroom?!

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