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2017 Major Series of Putting?


As I was surfing around the dial the weekend, I watched this twice for longer than I anticipated. Basically, it was the finals from Vegas, where there was an 18 hole course set up, and contestants had a putting tournament for prizes. No windmills or clown noses, just straight putting.

The reason I think I watched for so long is that I thought that was something I could REALLY do. I consider myself an above average putter, but I know I'm not good enough for that, but still...they were just putting. Somewhat different than the or PGA tour where you have to hit it straight, hit it a mile, work the ball, and have pinpoint distance control, and THEN putt.

I was also brought in by the players different looks, putters, and sponsors (or lack thereof). Besides a winners check, the champ also got a WWE style belt to wear. A cool little diversion in the dead of winter. Did anyone else see it? Your thoughts?

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  1. Dale V

    Yes, I watched it a couple of weeks ago. I believe it was filmed this summer but not sure of the exact dates. I do remember the regional qualifying emails. i think they are hoping it generated enough interest/revenue to hold it annually. Helped having Brad Faxon as a spokesperson.

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