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Dr. Kovatchian

San Diego County Team Titleist members and Titleist Employees please be safe. Keep your families and friends out of harms way and lend a hand when you can!

Dr. K

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  1. Dale V

    Thanks Doc. I have several employees that were evacuated. I am about 10 miles southeast and this fire is headed west so we are okay for now but high wind warning through Sunday means anything can still happen over the next several days. The TPI is very close to the current path. Hopefully they will dodge it.
  2. Gary L

    My son lives a half mile away from tpi in oceanside.voluntary evacuation was lifted saturday night.he was also in this path of the fire.grateful the winds died down enough that the fire crews could do more containment.
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  3. Kathy J

    Be safe and continued success!

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