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Kapalua - Plantation Course


Aloha Team Titleist! Dropping a quick picture from the northwest corner of the Valley Isle. Allow me to encourage all who might leave the mainland to venture to Hawaii to drop by the Kapalua Bay resort for a memorable round. There are wonderful activities for the family and more than enough challenges awaiting the intrepid on the Bay and Plantation Courses.

Hope you can work the destination into a future itinerary. Aloha!

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    It looks beautiful Maui is one of my favorite places to golf!

    Aw Man! I so want to go back to Hawaii so bad. I'm am so jealous. :)
    Very beautiful looking course, with plenty of trouble. I love it.
  3. Luke R

    Plantation Course is Beautiful. Played it a little over 3 years ago when my wife and I were on vacation! She rode in the cart and took a ton of pictures while I played.
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  4. Steve M

    The Plantation Course is one of my favorites in Hawaii!

    Thanks for the pictures, and allowing me to day dream for a few minutes while at my desk!!
  5. Gary L

    I too had the privilege of playing the plantation course,as well as the bay and village courses years ago.I think the village course is closed now. Back then, kapalua had a deal of unlimited golf on all 3 courses which included lodging a the villas. Great deal then. The best thing about playing in Hawaii is when it rains,it doesn't last long,and your back out playing.beautiful scenery on all 3 courses.plantation course was the best
  6. RBH

    Plantation is one of my favourite courses. Haven't been there in two tears but played there 6 rounds in two weeks each year the previous four years. Going back late this year and looking forward to getting back. Great to see the pictures. Enjoy the course!
  7. Chuck Z

    Maui, is one of our favorite places in the world. Have been there a couple of times but have never played golf. Did all the touristy things. Next time we go we are heading to Maui and staying at Kannapali. I want to walk out the Hyatt and play golf and my wife can go to the beach then we can head to the village for dinner. I did buy a putter head cover from there with the multi colored whales on it. Super cool. Maui is just another world or laid back.
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  8. No'l

    Awesome course, awesome pictures!

    We love Maui, but I've never been on Kapa for a round. For some reason, my golf there are usually spent down Makena area.
  9. augusto r

    Aloha!!nice pictures,I am planning a vacation at kapalua ,Maui and play a few courses.Dont forget check out the courses in Oahu like turtle bay,ko'olina and Kapolei golf.Mahalo
  10. Steve S

    Thanks for sharing. The closest I ever got to Maui was a Kapalua hat when my parents went on vacation. Maybe someday.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  11. colin b

    Wow that looks beautiful
  12. Kathy J

    Wailea at the other end of the island has a nice course Wailea Gold.

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