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The Open Championship

Barry B

WOW...What a great win for Jordan!! How amazing was the turn around he made when he fell behind by a stroke....unbelievable.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    That comeback will be one for the ages!
  2. Deno

    Just an amazing Open Championship. Well done JS!
  3. Dwayne N

    Jordan is one heck of a golfer really admire this guy. Anxious to see where he washes out in the big picture of things 20-30 years from now.
  4. colin b

    Incredible mental performance to get him back ahead
  5. Uwe G

    JS The time to play at 13th was undeservingly. Not the Spirit of the game....
  6. Kevin B

    One of the best ever Championship Opens and Champions EVER!
  7. Chuck Z

    He had a little bump in the road but he finally became the closer. He made a couple of killer putts that turned the match completely around. Outstanding win and major number three for the young lad.
  8. FJL

    Talk about having/neeeding and turning on another gear, pretty impressive!
  9. harry h

    Wow what a performance!
  10. Sawyer Nix

    I agree that he had a great finish after a poor first nine. He really put it on at the end though! Great for Titleist!
  11. Gabriel G

    Loved it! So exciting... first he was up.. then down.. then back up with that eagle. I was like "wow." Hook em Horns!
  12. Deno

    New addition to JS's bag this week.....Titleist 718 T-MB driving iron.

    Gotta get one of these....must be a beaut!
  13. Joe D

    Fantastic finish for Jordan .What a great finish,just unbelievable.
    Congratulations Jordan on being the champion golfer of the year.
    We'll done
  14. John B

    What a performance, one of the best.
  15. John T

    Incredible performance! And Titleist was there again to help get it done!
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