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Justin Thomas

simon w

Afternoon all. So I've been watching Justin Thomas over the past few months and was wondering who else out there believes this lad is a serious talent and could push for a major this year... I'm gonna put my neck on the line and say top 10 at Augusta and US Open and to win the USPGA this year. Yes his a Titleist staff ambassador and yes had a great college career as well, but raw talent comes within and this lad has it all in abundance. Look forward to the season ahead for this lad.

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  1. Joshua B

    I agree...Such a successful start to the year he is primed for a really good Masters
  2. Dan V1

    Hey Simon! I'm completely in your corner. He's been so exciting to watch in 2017. Pound for pound, is anyone better right now? The future is his.
  3. cbolt72

    Simon, agreed. Major talent and thoroughly enjoys playing the game. Excited to see his continued success and agree he will contend in the majors.
  4. SegaSama

    Agreed at least 1 major this season
  5. Sam C


    He's a force to be reckoned with! But when it comes to the Masters favorites.....his best bud and fellow Titleist ambassador Jordan Spieth HAS to be the favorite. 3 time participant with a T-2, 1 and T-2 finishes. That's crazy!

    - Sam
  6. Greg B

    He is a great talent, however don't ever count out Jordon Spieth, he is always a top contender at the Masters.
  7. James H

    I agree with you all. He will be a contender in the majors anytime soon.
  8. Hughie G

    I really like JT. He has great passion, but will need to control the emotion a little, especially the club throwing
  9. blair

    I've liked him for a year or so now. He has everything he needs to have a year like Speith did and his wins at the start of the season will have given him bags of confidence if he didn't have that already.
  10. vurich

    I met Justin a few years ago. I said, "Two majors this year?" He said, "That's the goal." Don't be surprised....
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