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712 AP2 to 716 AP2


i recently bought a newer set of 716 AP2 from Golftown, used but excellent condition. My previous set was 712 AP2, those were fitted with KBS Tour 2 degrees upright and loved the set up. Although newer set is not spec'd out, would i presume...i can do the same set up? (i.e. bend 2 degees...and put KBS on).

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  1. Nicholas L

    I would also just go get them custom fit to make sure you can still play to your highest level
  2. Todd S

    Yes your local fitter should be able to bend them 2deg upright.
  3. Don O

    A quality shop can make the modifications. Just make sure the set is within 2 degrees of upright now. Any more may crack the surface at the hosel.
  4. LHechenbleikner

    Have the specs checked on the 716s first before you make any adjustments. You might get different trajectory/spin with the new heads once you put your KBS shafts in, but the trackman can help with that!
  5. mj

    Thanks for reply....going for fitting...worth the investment
  6. Tom P

    mj - excellent decision. Let us know how everything works out. Good luck and have fun.
  7. mj

    Went for fitting, and the results surprised me a bit

    prev, was playing AP-2 712 with KBS Tour FST; Regular flex..2 degrees upright

    my new set up: AP-2 716: now with TT AMT Black; Stiff; 2 degrees upright

    Result was faster ball speed; better launch and spin numbers.

    Shows importance of proper fitting.

    Added bonus was, clubs sent to Titleist to change shafts and adjust lie...and since
    they were doing the work....maintain warranty... :)

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