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Club length and lie angle

bryan w TPI Certified

Is it true for every 1/2 inch over the standard length an iron is the lie angle should 1* upright. If this is correct what is the reasoning behind it? Thanks Bryan Williams

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  1. Quintin H

    Lets say you have a 7i, 37 inches, 62* lie angle

    You add 1/2 inch, now it is 37.5 inches and 62*...........the 1/2 inch made it the same length as the 6 iron which the 6i has a lie angle of 61.5*

    So if the iron fit before you added 1/2 inch, then to keep it fitted you need to flatten the lie angle 1/2 degree.

  2. bryan w

    When I was originally fitted 5 years ago I was fitted at 1/2 in over standard length but the lie angle was standard. I just recently got refitted and the fitter wanted me to stay with the 1/2 inch of standard but said the lie angle needed to be 1* upright to compensate for the the extra 1/2 inch. Is this thinking correct?
  3. Quintin H

    bending the club upright has nothing to do with compensating for a .5 inch longer shaft, if you were compensating for a longer shaft then you would flatten the lie angle.

    bending the club upright to compensate for shaft length, would be for a shorter shaft, not a longer shaft

    However, when you talk standard lie angle and shaft length..........there is no such thing between sets

    So if the standard lie angle of your previous 7i  was 62* and the standard lie angle of the proposed 7i is 61*, then yes you would need to increase the lie angle 1*.

    What is the standard lie angle and shaft length of your current set?

    What is the standard lie angle and shaft length of the proposed set?

  4. Sam S

    I am with you Quintin, if a standard lie fits you with standard length, at 1/2" over standard you must go flatter, likely 1 degree.  the only way to be certain is to hit off a scuff board.  Dynamic fittings sometimes refute static fittings.

  5. bryan w

    Thanks for the info guys. Here is the specs of the club I hit. It was a 710 AP2.  6 Iron .120" 4° 31° 37.50" 62.5° D2 The fitter said the length was too short. Impact face tape showed marks were towards the toe. We want up to 1/2 inch longer, marks were closer to center. Then we used the lie board and determined standard lie would be ok, but be said due to the fact we add a 1/2 inch to the shaft the lie angle needed to be 1* upright. My question is this thinking correct? Is there a rule for every 1/2 inch you add do you to the shaft do you need to change the lie angle by 1* upright and vice versa. Thanks for your help!! Bryan Williams sent from my iPhone
  6. Lou G

    The old school standard was 1 deg between irons for every 1/2 inch length change. Nowadays, the 5-PW are 1/2 degree apart and the spacing on the long irons is 1 deg. If you go to, it lists the industry standard lie angles. Ping uses 3/4 deg between clubs. Callaway is 1/2 degree flatter than Titleist or Taylor Made. When you go longer you flatten the lie angle and shorter you upright it. I have my 4-9 spaced 1/2 deg apart (from 61.5 to 64). All my wedges are 65 deg. The 4 iron lie angle also corresponds to Ping Yellow Dot.
  7. Quintin H

    I don't know how adding 1/2 inch gets you to hit the ball in the center of the face, I can see how it would get the club level at impact. To show this you need to be hitting off a lie board, and checking the marks on the sole of the club. If the marks on the sole of the club are toward the toe, then the club is flat, adding length as explained above, or bending upright will fix this, whichever is more comfortable for you.

    However, the fitter should have taken a minute and bent the club 1* upright, then let you hit it and see.

  8. bryan w

    Thanks for all your help. I'm going to get fitted again at a Titleist Regional Fitting Center. Thanks again
  9. Quintin H

    Please come back and tell us what a Titleist fitter says.

  10. Andrew L

    What is the best way to fit someone for lie angle?
  11. Andrew L

    What is the best way to fit someone for length for irons?

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