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First round with new ap3 irons and new sm7 wedges

harry h

Had to share my first round with these new irons and wedges .first I was fitt by a cerf. Fitter here in an senioredgea were also fit according golfer enjoy golf so much . I was thinking I would be fit in senior flex graf. But not to be after a two hr fitting out doors. With trackman have steel r flex black shafts I have nothing but good to say about fitting and ap3s(had ap1s 716s).the wedges were fit according to gaps in degrees to other clubs. We must have tried ten to fifteen different shaft head combos to fitt the set up best for me the game I play.oh yea shot 80 on whites so cool!

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    congrats Harry.

  2. Jerry M

    That's good news Harry. I'm not surprised by the number of shafts (10-15) you went thru. It is certainly not a one size fits all. It certainly pays to be fitted by someone who is certified and knows what they are doing.
  3. Marc W

    Did you get fitted by Brian Butler and what degree wedges did you get?
  4. Scott D

    I have a new set of AP3's waiting to hit green grass. Snow covers my course presently hopefully I enjoy similar success with my first round with the AP'3's as well. Congrats Harry and keep up the good rounds!
  5. augusto r

    congrats,have fun.
  6. JAM

    harry h, please detail your experience with the ap3 and sm7 clubs. Thanks.
  7. harry h

    Well I went to fitting with no idea as to what flex shaft material grip size or I said tried a lot of combos I too was not expecting to have steel shafts as far as wedges 50 gap bent to 49 f grind 54 sandwedge m grind and 58 lob k grind.
  8. harry h

    50degree f grind 54 sandwedge m grind 58 lob k grind
  9. Steve G

    Are you see more distance from the AP3s versus you AP1s? Is the dispersion also tighter?
  10. John M

  11. BMaddigan

    Don't tell me how good the SM7's are. I just finished rounding out my wedges last Fall with the SM6's, and absolutely love them.:)
  12. Rich T

    Excellent results! Keep playing well.
  13. ADeLucia

    congrats on the great score! properly fitted clubs are a true game changer for almost any golfer
  14. Phil G

    Steve, I had the 710 AP2's and just recently traded up for the AP3's (which I absolutely LOVE). I have noticed that when I have a mishit with the AP3's it goes roughly the same distance as my old AP2's. When I hit my AP3's flush it goes about 10-12 yards farther. Enjoy your new sticks! Hope this helps!
  15. harry h

    Yes much closer I have gained 4-7yards per club 6-pw and 8 yards according to trackman I’m so impressed with these irons and wedges now on to either driver or strong three wood as I’m an senior golfer slower swing speed I’ll let you know how that goes as well thanks harry

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