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D3 or D2

Richard A

D3 or D2 what's yours and why.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Been a D2 guys since the 913 I like the bigger head of the driver as it provides me more confidence at address and when I play. No matter the angle or what i need to reach I feel like the d2 gets me there.
  2. Todd T

    D2.. Because fitters at TPI said it was best for me!
  3. Dale V

    I have played both. Currently using the 917D3 at 10.5 degrees and the Aldila Rogue Max 65R with great results. I don't have a lot of clubhead speed but do generate a little more with the D3, i believe due to the smaller mass creating less wind resistance. Wow, starting to sound like Bryson DeChambeau. Maybe i should just say, i hit it with more confidence and it feels solid when hit squarely. Both are great clubs. Go to a Titleist Thursday event and hit both to find what works best for you.
  4. Luke R

    D2, cause that is what I was fitted for by Chris at the Manchester Lane Facility! Love everything about the D2!
  5. Dennis G

    D3, I like the look and think that the smaller head makes me focus better.
  6. Robert L

    D3 - less spin for me.
  7. Rick D

    D3, because I want to be able to work the ball.
  8. J.R. F

    I'm interested to hear other's thoughts on this as well. I seem to do better with the "Sub Zero" type drivers. I would think I would lean more toward the D3 but I am not sure.
  9. Chuck Z

    Todd T

    D2.. Because fitters at TPI said it was best for me!

    D2. Like the big sweetspot and like Todd, my fitter proved to me it was the right club for me.
  10. P_Lamps

    I thought this was going to be a swingweight conversation and was going to say, really, you all think you can tell the difference? haha
  11. Jack H

    D2 for me. I love the feel!! To me the D3 felt a little harsher. Both are great drivers though!
  12. MSilver

    Was fit for my D2 because I could hit it with more consistency than the D3. They key though is to have the club fit to you, not try and fit to the club.
  13. Jerry M

    D2. It was what I was fitted for. Maybe it's just me but somehow I like to get fitted outdoors and not indoors. I guess you could say I'm old school.
  14. Blake T

    I currently just switched to the D3, and the performance has been great. I just love the smaller clubhead and the reduced spin rates it gives me. Both are really great clubs though!!
  15. Richard A

    When I had my fitting for a 913 I didn't really fancy the D2 because of the size. I liked the look and the feel of the D3 as it was similar to my TM, so thats why I bought it. When I upgraded to the 915 I went straight for the D3 again. Now I'm thinking that I should of given the D2 a chance.
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