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Tour velvet 360 white


Getting ready to order my new AP2s and I really like the white tour velvet 360 grips. Will I be able to purchase for my driver and 3-wood?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi, We have had many requests for these grips and after some confusion, Golf Pride is going to sell these grips through their distributors. However, they have told us soon, but no exact date.
  2. Rex S

    Finally. I have been asking for these grips for 2 years. Hopefully they hold up as well as the red Titleist grips.
  3. Dale V

    Rex S

    Finally. I have been asking for these grips for 2 years. Hopefully they hold up as well as the red Titleist grips.

    There is no difference between the black GP Tour Velvet of the past and the red version or the new white version, just different colors. You can even take the black and fill the indentions with diluted paint to create whatever color you like.
  4. Stuart B

    I too posted about these grips in the UK section. I contacted golf pride direct but was told they would not be available to general public and to contact Titleist direct. When I phone I was told these were not available to purchase as individual items so guess I will need to wait and see how this develops, hate having different grips on my woods and irons

  5. Lance P

    Is it more difficult to keep white grips clean?
  6. AWells

    Cathi, Allen up here in Canada. Quick question regarding these grips, or even the tour velvet ones that come on the Vokey Wedges. I recently purchased my 718 AP2's and they came with the black/white tour velvet grips and I quite like them. I recently got a 810 D2 and 910H from my loving fiance for christmas. Is there a way I can order 2 grips from Titleist so I can take them down to my local shop and have them put on my driver and hybrid? If not what would be the closest grip to these that I can currently purchase? Any information would be great and thank you in advance.
  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Allen, Unfortunately, we can't sell them and are waiting for Golf Pride to work it out exactly when they are going to start selling them to the public. You may want to contact Acushnet Canada to see if they can assist you. The closest grip is the Tour Velvet black .580 round. It is the same grip without the white paint fill.
    On another note - it is interesting how much color or contrast play into our perception of things. Although it is the same grip, people see/feel a difference when it is paint filled. Our eyes see sizes and shapes slightly differently when contrast is added.
  8. David C

    Yes most definitely. I regroup and reshaft for our club. Unless you are cleaning them after every shot, all white grips are going to have that dirty look. These new ones Titleist is using are not solid white or white as the main color. I think because of that they will stay clean. I use Lamkin crossline grips which are close to these golf pride grips and they always stay clean. DC

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