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Switching to Titleist


Hi guys at TT, I’m 48 and relatively new to golf. Picked up my first club 3 years ago and now completely hooked. My first set of clubs were cally Hawk Eyes and my game was steadily poor. I’m a 28 handicap and struggled to play to that week in week out. 3 months ago I changed to a full Titleist set up. 716 AP1’s. SM5 wedges and 915 D2 driver,913 3wood and 915 hybrid. BEST thing I’ve ever done. Now that I’m getting a good feel for my set up, I’m playing so much better and even broke 100 a couple times since switching. I’m hoping my handicap will drop this year also. Just thought I wound share this with the rest of TT. I was also wondering if anyone else found their game improved once they took the leap to Titleist?

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  1. Jerry M

    I'm hitting it about 1 club further with my 716AP1's. Love the new 818H1 and H2 hybrids I got a couple of months ago. They are extremely solid and forgiving.
    One suggestion - Take lessons!!
  2. Barry B

    Welcome to the team! I think most of us have improved since making the switch to Titleist. Like you, when I switched I was shooting some fairly high scores (high 90s), but within two years I dropped 10 strokes on average and continued to lower my average scores since. Keep working at your game and your scores will come down.
  3. Joseph R

    My game improved a ton after I was fitted for my last set. I feel confident that I'm playing with the right set, and playing seven days a week has allowed me to work on my game more than I've ever imagined. I love my AP2's, and will be replacing my wedges this spring.

    Good to hear your game is improving. Hard not to with the best equipment in golf. :)

    By the way welcome to the Team Titleist community.

  5. 19hole

    As someone who has been with Titlest for over 25 years, I can't say that the switch made a big change in how I played. The biggest difference came when I started to get properly fitted for my clubs. For most club golfers I think it is worth 3-5 shots a round.
  6. AWells

    I like you, have recently picked up the clubs within the last 6 months. I had the fortune to play a couple of years when I was younger. I went with the 718 AP2's and SM6 wedges. I got fit at the local Titleist center, and compared to my old clubs its like night and day. I can do so much with my Titleist, that I simply could not before. Plus I don't get punished as harshly either. I have taken an easy 8-10 strokes off my entire game. And this year I expect to be lows 80's or single digit handicap. And with Titleist at my back and in my bag, I have no doubts I can accomplish it.
  7. Barry S

    Congratulations on breaking 100! Now the goal is to break 95.
  8. Sam K

    Congrats on improving your game and switching to Titleist, MOliver. I recently made the switch myself. I have definitely seen some major gains since switching. My passion for the game is stronger than ever because I completely trust my equipment and the people behind it. Titleist makes golf more exciting for me in ways that I did not experience from previous brands. I wish you many dropped strokes this year!
  9. Jeremy L

    WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!! Titleist is wonderful equipment and the quality are far better than the others. Plus, you will see the benefits of being a member of Team Titleist. Good luck to you and your continued success Titleist and a lower handicap!!!!
  10. Rooster

    Good for you. Curious were you fitted for your set? If not no worries, enjoy. When you become obsessed like most of us on here you can do it then. Also keep in mind the free fittings on Thursdays. You can have your spec's figured out and maybe adjust your clubs to match.
  11. Dwayne N

    Good for you best equipment decision I ever made I don't think you will regret it.
  12. Don O

    I used to play a couple of rounds every couple of years and 130 was possible with enough mulligans. I'm also LH and at age 61, retailers would drag me over to the only LH set in fiberglass A-flex with over-sized super-GI heads in stock. This was the year Acushnet sold Cobra to Puma. I was interested in a Cobra fitting and the pro shop that had that listed in the yellow pages was what is now called a premier fitting site. So, the pro worked with me and started me down the path with 712 AP1 irons. My first mistake was not taking up golf until then, my next was not investing more in me - through lessons and assistance with a TPI trainer. I was stuck on 22-24 for the last couple of years. This year with better conditioning (and a 5 mph increase in driver head speed) and better ball striking, it finally budged late in the season to 18. Between the marketing of custom sets, the best balls in the market, and the TPI instruction, I'm in for the whole deal and I'm not getting older - actually getting better. I had my best round this year as an 84 and I can see breaking 80 next year.
  13. Edward K

    Welcome to the CLUB!.........
  14. Jack H

    That’s a great move! Congratulations! I am sure you will get better next year, if you put some practice in. Keep it up!!

    God bless,
  15. Dale V

    Good for you. Better late than never. As you improve and get ready for your next upgrade, go to a Titleist fitting and really get the most out of your gear.
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