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Can I buy just a shaft?

Bill F

I have a 917f 15 degree metal wood with the Diamana Blue stiff shaft. I’d like to try a lighter, stiff shaft with a higher ball flight. Can I order just the shaft from Titleist?

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  1. 19hole

    Sure can. Just see your local Titleist retailer. It will come with the Sure-Fit adapter and grip installed. If you know your Sure-Fit setting, they will install the grip to that setting.
  2. Barry B

    You can order a shaft from any authorized Titleist retailer or Pro Shop.
  3. Dale V

    You might try and get fitted for a specific one as just doing trial and error might get a little pricey by the time you get the one that works best.
  4. Nick D

    This is one of the best things about Titelist equipment... for the most part the Surefit adapters have not changed over the years so it's easy to swap shafts or find new ones to try out. I can not applaud them enough for this approach. Best to get fit obviously but their approach does make it a lot more fun to try different shafts out!!!
  5. Bill F

    Thanks, so much, for all of the replies. I agree that Titleist is the best!
  6. augusto r

    Or you could go to for a better price.
  7. Barry B

    The only problem with eBay is there is no guarantee that the adapter on the shaft is an actual Titleist adapter. More often than not, the adapter is an after market one.

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