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XP90 S300 steel shafts



Does anyone have specifics on this shaft, i.e. what butt frequency are they, high or low, and what launch do they tend to produce high or low. Does the impact feel firm or soft?


SW 9 handicap

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  1. Dale V

    If you look them up on True Temper or other comparison charts you will see them listed as light weight, low flex point, high ball flight irons. I have played with the R300 in the past and liked them. I currently am in graphite for my arthritis issues. As most people on this site will advise, don't get too hung up on shaft assumptions and instead, go to a fitting session and see what combo works and feels best.
  2. Jeremy L

    I am not sure of the techs of the shaft but I am a notorious low ball hitter. So, I was looking for a shaft that would increase my launch but still feel good. I was fitted for a set of AP1 716 and went with the XP 90 S300 shafts. They gave me a higher launch than I was getting from my previous set. I am a 9.4 handicapper so we are in the same handicap range. Hope this helps some!!!

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