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915 D3 Shaft

Richard A

Hi Im interested to know which Adila Rouge shaft is equivalent to Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Blue s+ 60 x5ct regular flex driver shaft and will it give the driver a better performance I'm hitting driver ok with draw to straight flight with a good distance. Or should I not bother to change it.

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  1. Robert L

  2. Barry B

    The Rogue Black 60 is probably the closest. Check out the Custom Options Booklet and the Shaft Performance Guide...they are really great resources for researching all the various shafts.
  3. Stuart B

    Rogue black has little less twist and feels, to me, more stable. I made this switch in my 915 driver and kept the shaft for my 917 driver and woods
  4. Don O

    You can try the 917 shafts at a fitter and they will work on a 915. I've had little success trying to empirically find a new shaft. Unless your spin rate, launch angle, or dispersion need improvement, you may want to stay with your current.
  5. Richard A

    Thanks I will check out the options but I will probably stick to what I have

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