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I played the original AP2 irons for about seven years; so long that the grooves were damn near gone in spots. I loved those irons. I had many of my best rounds with them, including my one and only score in the sixties. About a year and a half ago I went back to some miz MP-32s because I had them previously and really liked the look and feel. These days I don't play as often, or as well, and wanted to go back to something more forgiving. After two fittings, I have placed my order for a set of the 718 AP2 irons - 3 through W with ProjectX LZ 5.5 shafts. I'm excited to get them. I'm excited to have something in the bag that doesn't sacrifice in feel, yet is a little more forgiving than my current irons. And I'm excited to be Titleist throughout the bag again.

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  1. Travis W

    I have the AP2 714's and they are nice. From the reviews and commercials, it sounds like the AP2 718's are REALLY nice with even more feel. Best of luck, I'm sure you will enjoy playing with them.
  2. Marc S

    I once went to the dark side for a brief spell. Welcome back and congrats on the new irons.
  3. Dale V

    Sounds like a great set. Enjoy!
  4. kaizen10366

    Since I owned the original AP2s, I had at least tried all of the subsequent releases and they either didn't appeal to me aesthetically, or, I didn't think the feel was good enough to warrant such a large purchase. These however, I really really liked, and finally acknowledging I needed something more forgiving made me move forward. There is also the fact that very few touring professionals play blades these days, so why am I?!?! Haha!
  5. kaizen10366

    Thanks Marc. I'll probably post some pictures here when they arrive, and maybe a review from a single digit amateur point-of-view.
  6. BR

    Amazing irons enjoy

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