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Old Titleist clubs questions

Quintin H

I have 904f2 and 906f2 both 15* with graphite shafts, I felt the 906 was for a better swing than mine.

But digging thru my clubs I found 904f2 15*, and a 906f4 15.5* steel shafts.

Whats the difference between 906f2 and f4, and is there such a thing as 904f4??

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  1. Quintin H

    I'm getting confused, its not 904f2 just 904f.
  2. Quintin H

    I took the 2 steel shafted clubs to the course today, 904f 15*and 906f4 15.5*, 904f flew about 200y and the 906f4 about 195y, the flight looked about the same.

    I didn't realize how big a difference in distance there was between graphite and steel........might have to look into graphite shafted irons.
  3. Quintin H

    Had the 904f 15* with stiff graphite out today and hitting it well, but it was only 210-220y so I guess its not as big a difference between steel and graphite, must just be cool and high humidity dropping distance.

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