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mark t

Hi Team,

Its been about sixty days since the new 718s/818s have hit the market. Just wondering how the people that bought new clubs feel. If you upgraded to new AP1s from old AP1s how does it feel with the new shafts. Worth it?

If you upgrade from AP1s to AP3s how does it work out? Did you use standard shafts? Great results? More distance and control? Workable?

Just wondering.....

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  1. Daniel M

    Mark I went from miz MP33's (burned through 2 sets) to MP59's and now AP3's. I have pro modus 120 stiff shafts in them and all I can do is smile every time I play. They're so responsive to the different types of shots and trajectories I want to hit it's amazing, and unexpected. Getting used to the strong lofts isn't that difficult, it just takes a few rounds. I was fitted and received them the 2nd week of September. I hope this helps.
  2. Sam K

    I went from a set of TM R7's (Regular flex) to the AP3 with Project X stiff shafts. The change obviously added distance (10 year jump), and I love knowing that they are in my bag. The feel coming from my old irons to the AP3 with the Project X stiff shaft, is indescribable. I can say I will never game the old set again. I don't even like swinging them (dramatic I know). The AP3 gives me a much greater feel and sense for controlling the ball. I simply feel more in tune with the game because of them. My Titleist Thursday fitting gave me confidence in the purchase, and I have not regretted it. This was the first step toward my decision to pursue an all Titleist bag. I have since added the 917 driver and 3 wood.
  3. chris M

    ive gone from a set of 716 ap2s to a 718 ap2 cb combo set.

    The 718 ap2s are ridiculously forgiving almost as forgiving as the 716 ap1 range. Distance wise they match up the same but dispersion favours the 718. I would also say the 718 are softer and visually are a much better upgrade.
  4. Don O

    At the other end of the speed spectrum, I wasn't planning on replacing my 716s with the KK 65 g shaft, but I was intrigued by the AP3. "Unfortunately" I gained trajectory and length using the AMT-Red shaft (from the AP1) in the AP3 over both the my 716s and 718 AP1s with the Tensi-Red. So the AP3s have worked out well. I've stopped using/needing the entire face of an AP1, and I'm getting really crisp shots that are consistent for distance. I don't do much on working the direction, but I can expect that where I aim is where the ball will go. Hitting more greens and holding them is dropping my handicap like a stone.
  5. Kenneth C

    I upgraded from the 716 AP1 to the 718 AP3 both with graphite shafts - KK85 - Recoil 95, and, I would not say I gained any distance. Though, the weather has cooled quite a bit, so, it isn't quite a fair comparison. The biggest benefit to me has been better control. The AP3 allows me to flight the ball, whereas the AP1 went high and higher.
  6. Anthony B

    Just change back to 718 AP2 with the Tour White AMT shaft, Had the 714 Ap2 moved into the Bridgestone J15 CB KBS tour s+ but after extensive testing with shaft options the new 718 heads this option had the flight and dispersion workability and feel suited to my game. My Hcp range is 6-10 but can see 11-20 range also suited especially if fitted with correct shaft options, Get fitted and get happy on the course.
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  7. Christopher T

    Upgraded from the 714 AP1 with XP shaft to the 718 AP3 with AMT White shaft. Have yet to play them as work and cooler temps are keeping me from the course, but during fitting and research with the reps, it was no comparison. AP3 was longer and less dispersion than my AP1 set. Flight was tricky, that is why I went with AMT White, to keep it from lunar orbit levels. But Playability and the "eye" test both come out tops.

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