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818 H1 "they're not rescue clubs -- they’re scoring clubs"

Jonathan K

Web Simpson was recently quoted on Titleist's Facebook page speaking of the new 818 hybrids, "they're not rescue clubs -- they’re scoring clubs". I couldn't agree more after making eagle on a par 4 from 178 yards uphill with my new 818 H1 and ProV1x. I have been in love with this club since being custom fitted for it a few weeks ago. I love the feel and sound. It feels very similar to an old persimmon wood but just explodes off the face. I also love the fact that I don't have to clear grass from the active recoil channel like I did with my 915 hybrid.

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    Nice work Jonathan. I'm hoping to get a 19 and 23 degree for next golf season.

  2. simon n

    Considering the 818....which loft do you have?

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