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Titleist 818H2 Hybrids - YES!!

Jerry M

I finally rounded out all my clubs today with all Titleists. Today was the day I picked up my new Titleist 818H2 Hybrids. Gee are they SOLID!! They are everything I had been reading about. I got the 17 degree and the 21 degree clubs with an R Flex 70Hy shaft. (I'm a senior and my swing speed isn't what it used to be). Hit for about 30 minutes on the range into a 15mph wind and was impressed at how high I could get the ball. Anyone else want to weight on their experiences with this club?

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  1. Guy O

    I agree they are “as advertised”! I got fitted for the 19, and 23,replacing the same lofts in the 909h. I was fitted by my golf pro using a tracman. With some tweaking he got me 10 more yards with each new club but more importantly, increased my trajectory significantly!! These new 818h are definitely now scoring clubs for me!
  2. Kathy J

    I need to get fitted at a demo day this spring for these new hybrids.
  3. David

    I’m thinking about buying the h2, glad to hear you’re hitting them well. I’m curious does it come with the surefit cg weight inside the club or do you have to purchase that extra? I’ve heard that it doesn’t come with a wrench so I’m just wondering what all is in the box?
  4. Jerry M

    The 818H2 does not come with a wrench. Right now only the driver comes with the wrench. I received the 818H2 club with a surefit cg draw weight inside the club. I also have a fade and neutral weight as well.
  5. Tom J

    The H2 comes with a 14g (red) neutral weight fitted and a reversible 14g fade/draw weight in the bag with the head cover.
  6. Wade W

    Waiting on a demo opportunity here. 816 is still a pretty incredible club...


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