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Bag Dressing

Kevin N

Good afternoon Team,

This might be a silly question, but just got done with a frustrating tournament so here goes. What head covers do you use that aren't Titleist and what is your story. I saw a few funny ones today so I had to ask. Mine relates to my younger brother. A few years ago he switched from a full Titleist bag to TM which was almost as disconcerting as switching college teams from Texas to Oklahoma. Being as he has that younger brother syndrome where he has to one up me he had the bright idea to get a Storm Trooper cover for his new white TM driver and being a Star Wars geek he thought that was the gotcha moment. I went right out the next day and snagged my Darth Vader cover and as soon as he saw it all I could say was who is your daddy. Needless to say he was put in his place as a little brother yet again and the only better one from that year was hearing him crow about hitting that white beast as good as could be hit and then when he saw he was 10 yards behind me I whipped out the old AARP card and asked him how it felt to get hammered by a bona fide senior citizen. 320 was a good poke but the card and 330 got him but good.

Play well and have fun when doing it my friends,


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  1. Todd A

    I have 3 different head covers that I use. For my 3 wood I have a Tasmanian Devil because he was my favorite Saturday cartoon character. My Hybrid is a Hedgehog for my daughter who used to love how cute they are. That and the girls from the high school team I used to help coach named him Benji. And finally my Driver has a Pebble Beach head cover. I got that when my brothers and I spent 3 days playing Pebble Spyglass and Spanish Bay.
  2. richard f

    I was once bought a duck hardcover , they thought it was funny because of the amount of duck hooks I was hitting at the time
  3. Keith M

    Always nice to see another fellow Star Wars geek on the board.

    While I don't have any non-Titleist head covers, I did get my son a Yoda headcover. Generally when we're playing together, at least once per round, in my Yoda voice I'll say to him, "Hit the big stick, you must."
  4. Tim Tiger

    Well first of all. OU is so much better than UT right now so bad comparison.

    I do not use stock covers because I most always update to the new clubs and there are sticky fingers out there looking for that stuff. I would prefer to keep my clubs instead of a thief having them.

  5. Gary L

    Here are a couple of mine
    Post Image
  6. Joshua B

    I have a lobster as my driver cover...being a New Englander its just fitting.
  7. Tom B

    When not using my Titleist leather covers, I have a driver cover that has the logo of my club on it, and then two other leather covers, red, white, and blue, that have the American Flag embroidered into the leather. Some of those big ones are funny, but they can be heavy too
  8. Tim H

    Itunes islamophobe USA allongez thé Waynesburg for me.
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  9. Tim H

    That is not m'y post above, it is my bag. But my post was "USA all the way". Sorry if it upset any one.
  10. Kevin N

    Thanks to all you guys for your responses! I enjoyed the stories and the insights you all provided. I also enjoyed the pics as I had no idea In and Out even had covers. Thanks Gary for making me dream of our next trip to California and hitting up Arizona for the nearest In and Out on the way.
  11. Gary L

    Hi kevin.go to the Web site for in and out burgers and check out the company can order the headcovers online. For me,I drive by the original in and out stand and company store every day on the way to work. The green headcover isn't shown,only the red one..there's another headcover I've seen but cannot find.its the cup of noodle headcovers from japan
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  12. Gary L

    Hi kevin.go to in and out can find the red headcover there.I drive by the original in and out and company store every day. Found the green cover there.
    Post Image
  13. Kevin N

    Thanks so much Gary. I went last night and saw it there and never would have thought to look had it not been for your post. The closest one to us is Tucson and every time we head west we make it a point to stop in. One of those Dad things that I have to do every road trip that probably has driven the girls mad over the years. One day I am going to make it a point to count how many we pass on the way to LA and then up the coast, but until then I have to be content waiting for my best friend to get in wearing last years road trip t shirt. Tomorrow and the next day we will be playing locally and I cannot wait for the first birdie of the day. Play well my friend.
  14. Kevin N

    I can only speak for myself Tim, but the covers looked sweet and I get upset enough at work and leaving every approach shot 1 club short last weekend to let much else bother me. Play well amigo!

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