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putting together a new set of irons for 2018


looking to put together a set of irons for 2018, a mixed set. AP1's 4,5,6 irons and AP3 7,8,9,PW and W. I would probably spec them out with AP lofts, can help me with a shaft, steel, lite weight mid-ball flight. I currently am using project-x PXI 5.5 shafts they are just to heavy. I did hit the AP3 irons with the stock shaft, not sure what it even was now.

Can You Help Me ? Scott Pruden, PGA Farmstead Golf & CC

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  1. Don O

    Can you get time with a fitter? Left to my own uninformed skill, I would have gotten the AP1 with the Tensi-Red A-flex shaft. I finished up with the AP3 in the (AP1 stock shaft) AMT-Red R flex. The AP3 out-performed the AP1 (more MOI due to more tungsten weighting?). My "4 iron" is a 23 H1 and my "5.5/6" Iron" will be an AP3, T-MB, or a 27 H2. I haven't considered an AP1 since the AP3's have been so much fun to hit. The AMT is a mid-high light weight iron. There is also the XP-90, but it would still be best to see which one of several works best for you.
  2. Terry L

    I currently play the 714 CB but am thinking about upgrading to the 718's. Definitely want to check out the AP3's. Will be getting a fitting in the next month or so.
  3. Ajit P

    I’m also considering a new set. I currently play AP2with stock AMT. I’ve had 7 sets in 18years from 762’s, a few CB & MB models all with DG S300 & would like to go with KBS C-Taper. I hit some demos with the C-taper and liked the feel, but it was in a net so really not much else info. I have a moderately high ball flight and my 8I goes 155-160; anyone know what I can expect from this transition?
  4. Glen W


    The same thing happened to me, I was fitted for the ap1s (I'm a high handicapper). I went by the PGA superstore this past weekand they had a used set out. I liked them so I went to the fitting bay and hit it with the same set up. The AP3 really out performed the AP1.

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