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AP2 716 & AP3 718

Glen H

Hi Guys,

I am stuck, i am currently paying with AP2 716 but still struggling a bit with them in term of accuracy. Am thinking moving to the AP3s 718.

Anyone did that move already?? results?

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  1. Doug E

    Sticking with some of my AP2 716s, from PW to 7i, but replacing the rest with AP3s. Ordered last week. Still waiting for them to arrive. Only problem I expect is the large gap between AP2 7i and AP3 6i. I'll figure a way to work around it I'm sure. (There will likely be a bit of loft strengthening or weakening, or both, TBD. We'll see.)
  2. Joseph M

    Glen before you make the switch what are the tendencies when you miss? Before making the switch to new clubs it could be just a matter of a swing correction.
  3. MG_TX

    Glen -

    IMO it will depend on what you are used to with your 716's and what you want the new line to improve on. With the 718 line, while the AP3 & AP2 blend well together, you still need the clubhead speed to get the full benefits of the AP2 line.

    I recently was fitted into the AP3 irons, carry an 11.7 hcap, and they are perfect for my game. Nice sleek and compact head shape at address, but built with the forgiveness I need. Launch isnt an issue with the AP3 and yet you can still work the ball either way if you choose. Paired with the Prov1x ball these are accurate as can be when you put a good swing on the ball.

    The AP2 is a great line with forgiveness built in, but will require a little more attention in terms of the players swing to get the benefits as designed.

    My advice would be to find a Titleist Thursday and hit them side by side.

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