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816 vs 818 Hybrids

Kevin H

Hey TT! I have never been a big hybrid user. My set up has been 4 iron then 5 wood and 4 wood. I want something however, that I can drive lower and get more roll with. I have looked at some other brands including the M2 and the Epic. However the Epic is too much $$, and I prefer the feel of Titleist woods. So my question is: Do I save money and buy the 816 H1 3 Hybrid or do I go for the upgrade and get the 818. Is the difference large between the two? Thanks!

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  1. Alexander T

    Hi Kevin:

    Here is my honest opinion. Swing both. If you see a big difference with the 818 go with the 818. However, if you have better numbers with the 816 choose it. Just go with the stick that yields better numbers. Don't discount the feel variable.

  2. Guy P

    I’m not a huge hybrid fan. With that being said I bought an 816h2 21 degree hybrid. Brand new only put a bucket of balls through it. If you like it after you hit one let me know I’ll sell you mine.
  3. Don O

    The only downside to the 816 is whether Titleist will still have inventory to customize one for you. If you buy an 816 off the rack and determine you need a different shaft, that will quickly evaporate any savings and then some. I moved from an 816 to an 818 to primarily tweak the shaft (higher launch/stiffer flex) to better match my swing.
  4. Quintin H

    I have 904f 15/17/19, sometimes I carry the 17, other I carry the 15/19
    And sometimes I carry 906f 13/15

    Switching the clubs around is part of the fun

    Now you can understand why I'm going to say

    buy both

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