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True Temper AMT Black


Can anyone tell me the weigtht of True Temper AMT Black R300 shafts that come with the AP3?

Is it possible to buy a combined set ap3-ap2 set on titleist website? Any other website?


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  1. Don O

    The weight varies from 3I to PW, from 96 to 115 g for the black. All the AMT shafts are variable weight. You buy Titleist clubs by the each, so you can have any combination you want. Titleist protects their retailers/pro shops and does not sell direct beyond custom Pro V golf balls. You can search for web sites. If the web site is connected to a brick and mortar pro shop, they can accept orders for authentic clubs. There is always the risk that the online retailer may be selling counterfeit clubs. Any steep discount is suspect.
  2. 19hole

    You can't buy irons direct from Titleist, you need to go to an authorized retailer. Your local PGA Professional can order you a mixed set, no problem there. A lot of the big box retailers do not like to order split sets, it just isn't in their system.

    Depending on shaft length, those shafts weigh between 94-115 grams.
  3. Joel L

    The AMT shafts step down 3 grams per club(Assending Mass Technology). I am planning to split my set AP3 4,5,6 and AP2 7-PW. I prefer the feel in the shorter clubs and want to keep my wedge setup the same. Your club pro can order these custom sets.

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