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Can I just buy a shaft?

Bill F

I’ve been playing with a 50 gm Diamana shaft in my driver but have recently demoed the 60 gm shaft which I hit more consistently. Can I order just the shaft to put in my 917 D2? Thanks,

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  1. Chris92009

    Yes, no problem
  2. richard f

    You should be able to just buy a shaft yes , lots of websites including eBay sell them
  3. CP

    Like Richard F said, I would recommend eBay. You can find a shaft with a Titleist adapter already on it.
  4. Don O

    Any authorized Titleist dealer can order any shaft in the catalog. Since Titleist doesn't just sell the adapter, the shafts from 3rd party vendors use an after-market adapter, and they can void the warranty.
  5. bill m

    bill yes go to you also can call and order the shaft they will even if you wish put a new adaptor on it wont be a titleist but it will work and be from another company trust me I went through all the schooling there, from club repair to shaft school I trust their products I use them to repair for all types of parts in my repair business good luck
  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Bill F, Don is right, you can order it through your local pro shop and they will order a shaft from us(with adapter) that has been cut and gripped (tipped as well if requested). This shaft will have a warranty.
    There are no shops authorized to sell adapters, and no warranty from us on the shaft or the adapter should you choose to purchase from a shop selling third party adapters.

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