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718 AP1 Irons Drops Handicap

Ryan M

Titleist made lemonade from lemons. The recent theft of my (14) Titleist clubs led to a personal invite by Cathi from Titleist to demo and purchase one of the first sets of 718 AP1's and 818 Hybrids. What was an unfortunate situation turned into a big break for me. My first set of irons were misfit (2 degrees flat). Team Titleist fit me properly (2 degrees upright) this time around and my new clubs have worked out perfectly. Went from a 13 to 9 handicap in one month. I'll never consider another brand again!! Thank you Cathi and TT.

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  1. Steve S

    Congrats Ryan on your new club's, and your success with them. So cool what Cathi did for you. Cathie helped me with my clubs as well. She is first class all the way!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  2. Jack H

    Sorry to hear about the loss, but great ending to the story. Titleist is the best! Nice work on your handicap. That's impressive! Keep it up!

    God Bless,

  3. Dwayne N

    She and the rest of TT are great people, great to hear things are rolling your way now
  4. Kenneth C

    A 4 stroke drop in a month is very impressive, especially getting down to single digits. I hope I can do the same.
  5. James F

    Only problem is the flatest lie Titleist will provide is 3deg down. I need 4 deg flat and 1/2" short. TM is the only fitter aside from png that will provide the fit. If they would I would get AP1's or the new AP3
  6. Gary B

    My story is a bit different. As in: my local course is yet to receive fitting equipment for the new irons, regardless of the course’s continued statements that the proper tools should already be here. I’m ready to purchase new irons, and this continued waiting is frustrating. We can golf pretty much year-round here, but wintertime can be unpleasant. It would be nice to be correctly fitted, get my new irons, and get some rounds in while I am able.
  7. Tim I

    Just been fitted and received AP1's couple of weeks ago.

    Come from miz forged 3 Deg flat 1/2 in shorter. 2deg flat and 1/2 in shorter in Titleist perfect middle of tape every time.

    Hope this helps to try them out.

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