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tmb shafts

Sam C

I have ap2 irons and looking to get the tmb to replace the 4 and 5 irons. I have project x rifle 6.0 shafts on the ap2's. Will those be the ideal shafts for the tmb's?

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  1. Samuel C

    Since you are looking for just the 4 & 5-iron, I would say get the same shaft as the rest of your irons, since it's just a transition and not a driving iron.

    I would say if you are looking for a 3-iron or a 2-iron, then maybe a different shaft, as most players would use those as driving irons and might look to get a lighter shaft, maybe graphite. But some keep the 3-iron with the same shaft as well, so it really depends on what you want to do with your set-up.

    But again, with the irons you mentioned (4&5), I would keep the same shaft as the rest of the irons, as it will keep a consist feel and set-up.

    You would always get fitted, so you know you have the proper yardage gap.
  2. Darron K

    I would get fitted from a Certified Titleist fitter. That way you know exactly what feels good and optimizes your swing. You should get a little more distance from the T-MBs as they are bigger trampoline effect off the face.
  3. Chris Hatem

    I have the TMB 4,5,6 matched with the rest AP2 and all have the PX 6.0. I'm liking the launch characteristics from the different heads with the same shafts
  4. Jeremy G

    I have the 716 AP2 6-gw and have the TMB 4&5. I have the same shaft in all of mine.
  5. Joe A

    I had the TMB 2 iron but am retooling the top of my bag. I switched to a 19 degree HI hybrid and put in 3-4 in TMB irons with x100 AMT shafts. Great feel/launch and spin with those. I have them all through my irons (716 MB) as well as my Vokey wedges
  6. Sam C

    Ended up getting the 6.0 project x. Thanks guys

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