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D2 vs. D3 (Drivers)


What is the difference between the 917 D3 vs 917 D2? And why should I use one instead of the other? Can anyone explain this to me, please?

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  1. Christian J

    The D2's (at least on the prior models) are the 460cc heads while the D3's are usually a bit smaller and more traditional shaped heads. It really comes down to preference on look and feel. I have been playing the D3 heads since I like the way it looks at address.
  2. Chris92009

    D2 distance and most forgiving...D3 for playability and smaller size head.
  3. DV


    The D3 is usually referred to as being more "playable" which usually means a skilled golfer can work the ball with more feel when they do this. I have never been sure that this statement can, and has ever been, quantified in any meaningful way. I have been very confident with all my D2 drivers that I have owned over the years and have been very effective at working the ball with them. I really think the difference is more of a personal preference more so than anything else. Some people prefer Chevy over Fords.

    Best Wishes,


    Everything stated above is correct. I'd like to add that the D2 will deliver higher trajectories, it is more stable (forgiving) on miss hits and has a slight draw bias. The D3 will have a lower launch and less spin than the D2

    Everything above is accurate. I'd like to add that the D2 will deliver higher ball flights and trajectories as well as being more stable (forgiving) on miss hits. The D3 will deliver lower ball flights and less spin than the D2.
  6. Chuck Z

    Have played the D3 and the D2. Like the forgiveness of the D2. D2 currently in bag. Ball spin under 2500 for me on my D2. Playing Black Rogue shaft.
  7. Don Fenton

    Strictly a visual preference in my book. I own both and see no difference when set up identically with shaft and hosel setting. I play the D3 more however because looks wise I favor it. Looking forward to the 917 product!
  8. Robert C

    I can't wait to try them both in Pinehurst!! But I'm sure the D2 will suit my game better for all the reasons mentioned above.
  9. etakmit

    I've held off on replacing my driver but after hitting and comparing the two the D3 fits my eye a bit better (I think its a confidence thing since I dont have the most amazing of games)
  10. Ben Evans

    My club pro let me try the D3 9.5 degree with the Rouge stiff flex shaft. thats put 20-30 yards on my drive and straight. I get fitted next Saturday :)
  11. CBerry

    Going for a fitting on Monday here @ Carton House!! I cant wait!!

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