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Just Aced With AVX

Dale V

Wonder if my hole-in-one today was a first for the AVX. I have only been testing them for a few rounds now. This one will be set aside next to my first one. It took 40 years for the first one and 18 months for this one. Crazy game. It was also nice given that the new 718 T-MB's have only been in the bag a few weeks too. It was the 7 iron, 146 yards. Hole #5 at Eagle Crest Golf Course in Escondido CA, my home course. Same hole as my fist ace.

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  1. Andrew K

    Congratulations Dale!!
  2. chris b

    Nicely done! I've been hitting the AVX too. I like them but not sure about the price point because I don't see any major differences from the V1 line-up at the same cost. These balls won't survive at the current price point in my opinion.
  3. Dale V

    I probably will stick to ProV1 also. While I like the AVX on short shots, chips, and putts, I don't seem to be getting as much out of the drives and long clubs. AVX are great, just not for me. This particular AVX will stay on the desk at home from now on. BTW, the green isn't really that steep. The picture was turned in the posting. :)
  4. Sam K

    Dale! That is so great! Congratulations. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the first with an AVX; if so, what a title to behold. haha. Awesome story. What ball do you think the AVX is most similar to in feel?

    Congrats again!!!!
  5. Dale V

    Hard to pick one Sam. I think I would compare it mostly to the ProV1x. The only difference would be the much lower ball flight with my longer clubs. Probably a spin rate thing with lower swing speeds but I can't get near a TrackMan with the two balls to make a comparison so its just a guess on my part. Maybe it's just a mental thing and not good swings off the tee but I've hit enough now to think it really is flying lower and shorter for my driver swing. I might go out again and take the 12 degree driver and see what happens.
  6. Steve N

    Dale - How do you think the AVX would perform in Scotland?
  7. Dale V

    Steve, they would be great in Scotland, especially if I was playing them. :) Hope to get back there in April 2019. That's the plan anyway.
  8. Jason C

    Congratulations! I am excited to try the AVX next season.
  9. nate l

    Congrats great ace! I need to try them out!
  10. Barry S

    Congratulations Dale! Don't forget to register the hole in one with Titleist to get a hole in one bag tag.
  11. Jeremy L

    Congratulations on your ace! I got my first ace this summer after over 20 years of playing.
  12. John K

    Good for you Dale. I’ve been waiting for a hole in one for too many years to count. I see a new set of AP1’s in my future, and hopefully that elusive ace.
  13. Jim D

    Congrats on the ace. I really like the AVX.
  14. augusto r


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