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Quick Poll: Do you prefer adjustable or fitted hats?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

It’s time for another quick poll, so let's jump into the subject of hats and which style everyone prefers. Personally, I've been wearing our new Tour Snapback hat lately and I love it. But I've also owned my fair share of fitted hats, so the question is, what is your style of choice? Vote below and share your feedback by adding a reply to the thread. 

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  1. Corey

    Adjustable hats usually don't fit my head very good. They're usually to blockey, (if that's even a word) above my head with to much extra space
  2. Chuck Z

    I have a large head and am difficult to fit. The Titleist representative in this area recommended a size XL/XXL in the following hat to solve my problem and they are my personal favorite:

    The new Players Deep Back delivers a deeper fitting design.

    I wish that there were more colors available in the XL/XXL sizes, but am thankful you are at least looking out for those of us who have a fitting issue.

    Cheers, Chuck
  3. JAM

    I like the finished look of the fitted hat and the majority of the Titleist Brand ambassadors wear it so it must be the best!
  4. Todd T

    Fitted... They look better!
  5. Barry B

    I have predominately worn fitted hats recently, but also like adjustable hats. I've been checking out the various golf stores in my area lately and no Titleist Snapbacks yet. If/when I can find them in a store I plan to pick up a couple.
  6. Steve R

    I love the fitted hats much better, but I will say they are at times to hot to wear. Maybe we need to come up with a vented or open mesh fitted hat.

    Good question, thanks
  7. Tyler H

    The new Tour Snapbacks are legit. I love the few that I have and will be ordering more for the 2018 season. That being said, Titleist does make a few Fitted Hats that I like. As far as adjustability, its Snapback or bust, IMHO.

  8. vurich

    that plastic on the fitted is such a pain. Really annoying. Constant adjustments. Way too dated and needs a new design. The fitted hats are the only way to go
  9. tony k

    You gotta try 'em on. They can vary widely and it does not hurt to have a mirror around so you can view all sides of your head.
  10. AWells

    In my previous life, before I owned a Titleist hat, I always had snap backs or the fabric strip with the brass buckle. But I often found that some models of hats or differing companies, once you sized it on your head, would pinch and bunch the hat in the back.
    but now that I have Titleist in my life and I purchased a fitted hat that actually has a bit of stretch to it, I just simply put it on and fit it to where I want it. And as my hair grows I dont have to fiddle with a snap back or a strap. After i go to the barber bam it just goes on eazy peezy lemon squeezy and it fits PERFECT everytime! And when your golfing that's down right the Best damn hat ever!
    ( just ask Earl in the pic )
    Post Image
  11. Jeffery M

    Tour Performance adjustable, they clean up great and between haircuts I can adjust them.
  12. Duane J

    I prefer fitted,but many of best looking styles come only in the adjustable style. I end up buying both styles because Titleist is the best.
  13. kevin g

    Hands down the fitted hat is the way to go I have four Titleist fitted hats it's no way I will go on to a golf course with an adjustable hat . When I have the pleasure of playing a upscale course the first thing I look for it is a Titleist fitted hat with the logo of the golf course
  14. Mike H

    Fitted feel better for me
  15. Quintin H

    I picked both, but fitted is my favorite, the problem is finding a fitted hat that actually fits.
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