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  1. Simon B

    Those guys in the video look pretty decent, why don’t you just invite them back?! ;)
    This is sure to be another great trip, good luck to everyone who applies.
  2. Tim Tiger

    Hope it's not Tom and Simon again. Those pretty boys broke the camera. lol

  3. Steve W

    This would be a dream come true! What an opportunity - to play golf somewhere spectacular and test some amazing gear into the bargain? Yes please!!
  4. chris M

    Amazing opportunity again!

    Too far for me to travel but good luck to those who enter
  5. GSmith

    Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

    Our friends at FootJoy are offering an amazing opportunity - check it out!!!

    Post Image

    Ever heard of the saying four seasons in one day? Yup staying in Scotland I’m pretty much used to this :-) Golf is my passion and the chance to get to try out the new products would be a dream come true. Thanks for giving this opportunity to us and I’m sure who is picked will live the dream.
  6. RHolmes

    Sure I have heard people talking about Iceland before lol. Would be an amazing opportunity and from what Simon and Tom told us Iceland was something special! I would love too be involved in this but not having Facebook isn’t really a great start lol. Class again from FJ/Titleist
    Good luck everyone ⛳️⛳️
  7. Simon B

    Instagram / Twitter may have been better given that so many people are deleting FB!
  8. James H

    Haven’t heard much about the Iceland trip!!!! Would love to go but have work commitments that week. Good luck to everyone.
  9. Steve W

    Iceland, Scotland or the local Municipal pitch and putt....
    I’d still be up for this!
  10. Tom C

    Ross, James, if you boys want to hear more about Iceland I'm sure Simon and I can arrange something. Maybe a sit down, put together a little slide show, no off the course stuff though, that's all classified!
  11. James H

    Ross, I think we are busy for the next year or two aren’t we?
  12. Tom C

    HAHA! if you change your mind, let me know!
  13. Steve W

    Has a decision been made on the lucky participants yet? The dates are drawing ever nearer and I need to start packing.
    In my dreams! But you never know...

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